Easy exchangable Battery packs for travelling

Hey there!

I am going to build two e-boards and one of them on a 22" Deck with 10S3P Samsung 30Q Battery Cells. This one is going to be my travel Board. Because of the restrictions on batteries in planes I wanted to make the Battery into 3 packs of 10s configuration which can be slided into the overall encasing. So it is basically a swappable battery.

So for the electric connection I thought about using XT90 for Power and a DB15 Pin connector for the Balancing leads. It will be a tight fit under the board but I think it is doable.

I did a “mockup” in Fusion360 so you can imagine what I am intending. Sure it needs worked on further for the enclosure.

I just need Ideas how to acomplish this in the best possible way with your help. :slight_smile:

So for now it looks like this (I know I still ned to model the mechanics of the Batery Packs and the “main” Enclosure where the Battery packs will be slid in. I’m not as good in 3D CAD as I would want to but I’m learning.


Just create a rail with spring clamps and voilà!

You’ve already done a good part of the job. Better make a nice looking printed case too.

Very cool idea, please keep us updated.

If you want it to be a travel board, shouldn’t it hence be a portable one too? 30 cells will weight quite a bit and really, on a 22" deck you don’t need all the power! I designed the enclosure below and it’s being CNC’d out of ABS as we speak so I can test it. You could have something similar done and use only 2 for a 10s2p. You’ll still have a good enough range, they won’t weight like crazy and you’ll have 12mm more clearance under the board! Just wanted to throw this out there.


He could technically run however many p packs as he wants as he has swapppable series packs. For example he could just unplug one pack then he’ll have 10s2p and then adjust the amp settings by a phone app

Of course he could, the modularity in his design is perfect. It’s just that he had 3 batteries on his board so I assumed that’s what he wanted to use, and the batteries are double stacked on what seems to be 83mm wheels, so I’d be sort of worried about clearance.


Wow you really found someone that is able to do it? :slight_smile: Please send me a pic when it’s ready! Congrats :wink:

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Yeah haha, Chinese seem to grab onto anything I ask them to do!

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interesting. are the cells going to be spot welded or is there going to be a bar inside the pack to make the series connections?

So plan is for a 10s1p, 8 of the cells will be placed in parallel and spot welded with a nickel strip and then I’ll have a wire running for the other 2 cells to continue the series connection.

can’t a nickel strip be built into the container? or will that not be a reliable enough connection. I guess the goal would be to not have to spot weld anything at all.

hmm, didn’t think about that. Just having a strip built into the enclosure will most likely not be very reliable, in fact it won’t be reliable at all, but definitely an interesting idea! Need to think of something!

there could be something behind the nickel strip that can press the nickel strip into the battery. there must be a way

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There is always a way!

maybe a copper bus bar that runs along the bottom, and something like a copper standoff, or nickel standoff that gets pressed onto the top and bottom of each cell

check this thread out


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I could send you the file so you play around with it too : )

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sure, I’ll PM you my email now. I’ll be able to play around with this next week.

From what I’ve heard, you can’t have a battery that is over 99Wh right? But can you have multiple packs like that and then just connect them once your at your destination? Or is that limit like in total, regardless of how it’s set up?

You can, that’s the whole point!

I just travelled across Europe with 100 individual VTC6 cells - no questions asked!

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If they were assembled then no way though, lol. I would bring like 4 or 5 separate 12s1p packs to connect at my destination.