Easy exchangable Battery packs for travelling

You can have as many <=100Wh packs as you want. From 100 to 160Wh you can carry 2 packs with you… 10 of the 30Q will have slightly more than 100Wh but you can label them accordingly on the pack with 99Wh .

That is the whole point in making the battery in smaller packs. Will work on the 3D Cad over the weekend. The DB 15 connectors are ordered. I just don’t know how to make the packs fixed to the whole Enclosure on the Board so it doesn’t rattle or fall out of the main enclosure.

Maybe Something like these clamps: AA320

Or something easier to handle with.

But I am lacking ideas.

What @ron said is on point : )

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Nice looking board. What size are the hangers and the width of board?

Its a Cruiser Board from Jucker Hawaii:

Width is 15cm and the Hangers idk. Need to measure it…


I’ve got a Jucker Hawaii Woody Kick board that I am crazy about, they make good decks.