eATB Build: my pursuit for electric freestyle!

Hi esk8 lovers!

So having built my first electric longboard I’m now desperate to build/own an electric mountainboard! This is partly due to the ENORMOUS potential I see with this becoming the next great extreme sport. I’m sure I’m not alone in this thinking but coming from a snowboard background and riding a lot of indoor snowdome park and riding motocross I’m desperate to see how a super torquey all terrain board would handle a motocross or bmx track. Initially I want to try and nail freestyle runs on existing tracks, race, but eventually would love to see bespoke parks built with huge jumps and rails - just like a snowboard park but on the flat and made of mud!! Does this exists anywhere already to anyone’s knowledge and is the dream already taking shape?

Anyways, first things first I need a board! From everything I’ve read Trampa looks to be the best foundation and there are some just beautiful/insane boards on this forum @Whitepony, @Kaly, @squad, @nowind, @laurnts, @onloop to name but a few legend builders - no offence to anyone I missed, these are the names I can remember of the top of my head! :slight_smile:

I’ve had a quick look around and there happens to be one on Gumtree near to me and I wondered if anyone could advise whether this would work or not? Otherwise I’ll be looking at importing one to Oz which I’m guessing will be expensive?

I’ve asked the seller for more detail on the individual parts and they are as follows (to the best of my knowledge):

Trampa Infinity 12mm hollow axle trucks with upgraded Springs

Note: these are the solid ones but he claims they’re hollow??

Trampa HYPA HH02 hubs

PRIMO Alpha lite high pressure tyres

Trampa Camlock bindings in custom colours

Trampa Deck is a 12ply 35* blank short deck

So would this work? Is 12 ply likely to be too flexy or will it just depend how I mount the battery? I’m 80kg btw.

The price works out to be around 385 GBP so I could source a new board for not too much more but postage would probably be a killer….I’m guessing….I guess I could be pleasantly surprised? @Trampa?

Anyways, just to give you an idea of what might become an initial test track there’s a bmx dirt track a 10 min walk (2 min ride!) from my office in Adelaide and I just walked over on my lunch break to check it out - here’s some pics!

BTW - it apparently gets SUPER busy on weekends so I’ll check it out again and make some vids when there’s a little more activity. Also the covers I think are just to protect it from the elements and can be removed by riders prior to riding.

I’d be grateful for any input, haven’t thought about the rest of the build yet as I thought I could just get used to the feel of a mountainboard first and then electrify after!

Happy shredding,



Looks like a good price…

I think i went with the 17ply… The maximum stiffness?

If this is just 12 I think it will be super flexy… But probably still ok. I think trampa have a chart on their website about weight and flex.

Thanks I’ll take a look. Let me know if you ever wanna hit that BMX track btw :wink:

I can later post some vids of french guy hitting some sort of dirt track.

Evolve also had some sort of championship but without bindings it looked like.a joke a bit.

@Duffman has been to mountainboard “championship” in germany, same as @Nowind , maybe they can give u some insight about what to look for when building such “dirt track” compatible board.

Hi :wave:

That is a sweet track man !!!

First of all the board is ok, even with those trucks, for your purposes more solid.

You will definitely need to go with a chain drive system here @Nowind can supply those, for motors go with Dual 6374 Sk3 with 149Kv for max torque.

On the battery, this is the only application I will recommend lipos, go 12S to have better temperature control . Just try to keep the pack small and lite. You can go with this ones And make a 2 packs of 12S, this way you will have a spare pack.

For ESC go with a FVT 120A, just make sure you install a fan to cool it. I can set you up with a pair of this, if interested PM me.

As for trying Mountainboards without motirs first NAH :scream: take the bull by the horns and tame it :smiling_imp:

Good luck and get some protective gear, you will need it.


Almost everything said but here my recommendations:

I would recommend a 16ply deck for 80kg

Trucks with SOLID axles, hollow axles will bend or break on extreme jumps

I would choose the Trampa Mudpluggers instead of the Primos

Go with heelstraps, it’s better for jumping and as a snowboarder you are already used to be strapped to your board

Chain drive or better direct drive, 6:1 for more torque or 5:1 for more speed

Lightweight 12S Lipo with enough punch -> Graphene

SK3 motors give good power, but for offroad use I would look out for sensored motors -> Alien 6374 ?!?

No experience with FVT HV 120A but afaik not for sensored motors.

Other alternatives: (VESC6), VESC X I would not recommend a standard VESC 4.xx


Another bulletproof setup recommended by nowind: 8s with hobbywing ezrun 6

Thanks @Okami - be great to hear of any other people doing this too to share ideas. I’ve been hitting Youtube all day and there do appear to be people attempting various skateparks, pools, bmx tracks etc but they just run outa steam so quickly and having a speed boost at your fingertips surely has to be the way forward.

Thanks @Kaly & @Duffman you guys are awesome and I appreciate the advice. There seems to be some differing opinions on the board though, would I be better off then ordering the parts from the UK and shipping or could I make this work? I remember as a kid I used to rollerblade and was practicing backflips in a local halfpipe on some cheap Bauer recreational skates and snapped one of the chassis just as I had dialled it in!! I then decided to save up £250 (with some help from folks and all my next birthdays and christmases rolled into one!) to buy some decent Oxygen Argon ones which 20 years ago was a sh*t load of money! :smile: …I digress, but I guess my point is I’d rather have something that’ll last more than one session of hard riding but I’m also happy to make whatever i have work! :grin:

@Kaly haha, don’t worry I’ll pad up and ride the crap outa this thing!

Ref batteries, I’m happy to go with lipos and I’m actually thinking top mounted would be better as this thing will take some punishment, I’m also hoping to take it to halfpipe/bowl and it would be great to be able to rock n roll fakie, stall, boardslide etc. Ref brand/type are the graphene batteries much better than zippys/turnigy? I’ve not really seen too many builds with them but keen to give them a go if you reckon they’re much better for the intended purposes I’m guessing this is because they run cooler right?. I’ll look into the drivetrain next and options for ESC you’ve suggested.

THANKS! :wink:

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Interesting, would 8s give me enough poke to get up steep kickers? I’ll have to revisit @nowind’s builds to see, but that might save some of the potential fireworks!


Hi @DanSkates, if you tell me your hight and weight, I can suggest a board for you. If you plan do do freestyle, you want your board to be as light as possible at the tips. battery should be in the centre and very well protected! PM me if you need assistance. I would consider going for a belt drive ( urban carve motor mounts) or @nowinds direct drive.

These will fit the Mountainboards just as god as the Urban Carver:

If you go freestyling, a open drive will be fine. Its less complex and does the job. Go for a Twin drive!

Here you will find the board you want:


Thanks @Frank - I’ll drop you a PM ref something specific / shipping costs etc - you have some seriously nice boards on your site!!!

WOW! For 8s this is a beast!!! Do you have the link for the build? Tried looking have failed miserably.

…oops, ignore that just found it on ES:

@nowind just read your thread and I’m completely awestruck by your build which you even raced in an event! WOW!! So as a sport this does exist! I might have to borrow a few of your ideas i think! :blush:

Hey Mate,

yeah tons of Fun on this events but also every day after work … Best thing money can buy for an kiteboarder away from water or snowboarder away from mountains…


So all said i guess (-; Keep it light and powerfull

Feel free to ask anytime

Hang Loose Jenso


Thanks @nowind - Jenso! As I start to knit things together I’ll defo take you up on that offer. I Kiteboard and Snowboard (used to run indoor freestyle nights in an indoor snow dome when I lived in the uk) but as you say the conditions have to be right /accessible and I always seem to be working when the wind is good and as for mountains…we’ll South Australia doesn’t have any! :joy: This seems to be the perfect solution.

Anyways…back on track!

Based on your experience what would be a good, light setup? Really love your 8s build and I think this would be the most durable. Plus the batteries you tried towards the end of that thread are on offer at Hobbyking at the mo:

Would you still recommend them? I quite like the idea of just one pack that I can just switch out.

Thank you - extremely grateful for the support.


Hey btw - question for everyone on the forum how the hell do you manage to live a normal life once you discover esk8? I’m getting zero work done in the office and spend all night researching builds rather than sleeping!! :laughing:

I’m gonna end up jobless and divorced…but at least I’ll have an adrenaline fix!


I’m a web developer and spend most of my time in-front of a computer - research in between code deployments. I built two boards so I ride with my son which gives the wifey alone time to relax and not be bothered by her men - which keeps her happy. I invoked a rule, when i start yawning, it’s time for bed.

Till I figure out my battery situation for a range greater than 4miles I’m using it for commuting 6blocks one way.


:smiley: have that board saved in my watch list !

Aren’t the FVT 120A’s max of 6s?