eATB Build: my pursuit for electric freestyle!

Loving your style @halifax21! My son is only 2 but I’m keen to get him shredding asap! :wink:

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2 versions available. 6s and 12s :ok_hand:

20 or more cheaper from aliexpress. They can be flashed with esk8 software. Check the maytech thread.

yep. And thats the 6s Version:

But unfortunately the FVTs don’t support sensored motors.

If you’ve never ridden anything else than sensorless then it may be ok, but if you get used to be able to apply full throttle from standstill or even accelerating forward while rolling backwards from a hill, you will never ever think about going sensorless again.

With a VESC it would also be possible to reverse the motor direction by pushing a button -> for 180’s like in the beginning of this video:


I think @Kaly mentioned somewhere there are two versions of these 12S Fvt 120 esc’s (one being sensored and one not)

I know since he spent quite some time to find the right hall sensor config, I think.

@Duffman I totally agree about sensored mode when going off-road / doing tricks or trying to go up a very steep hill or when rolling backwards.

Im not owning sensored setup but once I ‘‘had the chance’’ to try to go up some steep hills I experienced the problem with sensorless mode and how it cannot cope with such high demand and low speed, the motor was just cogging all the time since I think it lost sync too easly.

So yes, in comparison, sensored mode is way to go, especially for high power applications, smooth start, better control etc.

@Duffman I LOVE IT!! The 180s and change in direction are actually pretty smooth, and the torque to get going from rolling in the other direction is impressive. I was especially most impressed by the butt donut at the end :wink: Looks like a smooth, but powerful ride.

Have you taken it off or up anything bigger? I’ve been researching hard but haven’t yet found anyone to really push these boards to their limits. Do you think your build could take the abuse a bmx track would throw at it for example? The reason that I ask is that I’m desperate to try it out and can see a MASSIVE future for e-mtb if it can be powerful enough and durable enough to ride at the same capability let’s say of a motocross bike of an motocross track or snowboard in a freestyle park. It’s the perfect fusion and surely the next big extreme sport?

Just my thoughts…I still haven’t made a build yet, so can hardly speculate, but just desperate to see the art of the possible! :grin:

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For my 2wd board I’m using skate trucks which are very light, but also weaker than spring trucks. I already broke two top trucks and one pivot pin. So you should definitely head for mountainboard spring trucks. I would also either choose the heavier trampa infinity trucks for big jumps than the lighter ones.

The German esk8 mastership Okami mentioned ( took place on a BMX track with a lot of jumps.But in order to ride fast times you actually had to try to suppress jumping.

Jenso (@Nowind) snapped a ultimate truck on the first day with some slight jumps…

This is a video of the last esk8b-dtm where you can see the track:

I just bent a MBS Matrix truck on a ‘bit too big’ jump with my 4wd board (at min 3:40):

I hope you don’t mind spamming you with my videos but if pictures tell a thousand words then videos tell a million :slight_smile:


Ah man I love the spamming - keep em coming! That 4wd drive board is an absolute beast! And the esk8b-dtm - WOW that looks like fun. Like urban go-karting but standing upright! I’d love to try that. I’ll look for some info online as I’d love to know how often these are hosted and what their future plans are.

Hey The 8S Hobbywing Setup is a well tested and bulletproof. Its a perfect Freestyle Setup without worries, only sound of brake is anoying… But it dont overheat, it dont die if it gets wet or if it get overload…

A 12S Setup could be more powerfull, but with the HW Max6 Setup you got a very good starting point that just does what it is suposed to… bring you a big fat grin into face (-;

The Nanotechs are very good if you want high power to wheight ratio… on a 8S Setup you need more C-Rating as on 12S Setups… so if you want max power by lowest overall wheight who have to choose Lipos like this Nanotechs…

Downside is that you need an 8S Charger… and its not upgradable later if you maybe change to 12S ESC´s… So think about 4S Batteries like the Turnigy Graphene 6000mAh 60C… this are beasty batteries and you could connect them in 8 or 12S setups… and charge with cheap 4s chargers

Drivetrain is up to you… they are more then one good possibilities outhere… on a dry Dirttrack like the linked one from you every common drivetrain will work… Chain/Belt/Direct

Everyone have it own pros and cons…

As a Guideline i would go with gearing between 1:5 and 1:6 8S on 200KV 12S on 150KV

Or 12S on 200KV if you got suicidal tendencies :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Cheers Jenso


Yo Jenso!

Thanks for the awesome feedback. I love the sound of a bullet proof set up as this thing is going to be ridden hard and I’d prefer this to survive a thrashing. I therefore think I’ll go the 8s Hobbywing route.

Good point on the 8s charging, out of interest would you have a recommendation on a trusted 8s charger? Do you watch them charge or is there a cut off? Also, how do you keep an eye on how much you’ve discharged (remaining battery) during riding?

I saw this in the ES thread - not a worry for me, the more noisy, snarling this beast the better for me as it’s not going to be an urban pussycat but rather a jungle lion!

I noticed in one of your tests you used the Leopard 8072-175KV on 8s would you still recommend this or is there a better motors now for this cause? Obviously the more grunt the better!

Thanks man - as much as I love the building process I would actually fast forward time if I could just to ride one of these things! But I’m sure I’ll equally love watching it all come together too :slight_smile:

Would this one work?

Apologies as I’m sure that this is covered in another thread a thousand times over - but I’ve never charged a lipo in my life so would want to be sure! :grin: The safety features on this certainly appeal to me and the price is pretty good.

So I checked out another sick local spot yesterday. I’ve only been living in Adelaide (or Radelaide as the kids call it!) for a little over a year so I’m still getting used to the area. Also, as I’ve mostly been kitesurfing here I’ve not explored the extreme land spots.

This is a skatepark about 15 minutes out of the city, the airport and my home! It’s designed for skate, scoot and bmx by the looks of things and would be incredible to ride an esk8/e-mtb here! Enjoy the pics I’ll take a board with me next time for some action shots and vids!

Mini bowl:

Street course:



It’s funny, I’ve driven past this place heaps and always been put off by the rusty look of the vert and figured the place would be in a state of disrepair but how wrong was I!! The vert actually isn’t rusty but slightly weathered and super smooth. The large bowl is to die for (hopefully not to die in!! :laughing:) and has some beautiful drop ins, hips, rollers, coping and just looks like it would ride beautifully. I’m gonna get myself a Trampa as soon as poss, maybe even the local one at the top of this thread to get me started for the time being, to see how well it rides this bowl. I was also thinking how nice it would be to ride a Trampa with street wheels in here and full bindings! The only thing they lack though is a nose and tail which I know defeats the object of the design but I’d love to ride a flexy deck, big trucks 100mm wheels with straps in this thing. The nose and tail would be great for nose/tail stalls, blunts, slides etc etc. Has anyone ever seen anything like this?? I used ride Snakeboard quite competitively back in the day (it’s turned to sh*t now) and I imagine something like this which was my favorite set up:

Obviously the idea of a snakeboard was that you could be fully strapped in and generate momentum with the pivoting plates, but with an electric longboard/mountainboard you wouldn’t need that and could ride super fast, hard and not worry about pumping. You could literally accelerate up the ramp!! Imagine one of these bad boys in the vert!!! :astonished: the air you could get would be insane!!! I’m gonna try all these things, just need to make a board now! :sweat_smile:

Hey, @trampa wanna build me a deck with a nose and tail like this? :wink: obviously it would only work with urethane wheels!


Yeah it will work, but yo need also a power supply for charging at home.

Nice Spots you have, looking forward to some jump and freestyle Trampa MTB videos (-;

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just my few lessons learnt: i had a holypro 16ply and it felt great in the dirt for my 82kg - i just ran on dirt tracks and not crazy bmx tracks that you showed in the pictures. used the boards flex to initiate jumps just like with a trampoline. my latest urban carver is 14ply and it would definitely be too soft for dirt and jumping - in the same scenarios, it would probably bottom out. its great for carving though. :slight_smile:

loved heel straps until youre crashing :sweat_smile:

i didnt like chains at all - its messy from 2 perspectives: lubrication flying towards you and it kept lenghting the whole time. think @nowind switched to bigger chains later, which would probably work better overall

care for weight, i slapped 10S6p on the poor board with dual 6374 and massive motor mounts … and it was just too heavy to really enjoy. if you want to go mad, use small and light high power lipo batteries and swap them out once drained. kinda love the @duffman neoprene cover for his swappable batteries!!

vesc4.1x are too weak for dirt track abuse, i had a lot of heat issues and they dont have the punch you want for @nowind style action


I know right - spoilt for choice! First time I’ve ever lived this close to such good spots. I’ll defo be sure to film some mtb goodness soon - just need to get my hands on a board! :grin:

Thanks @whitepony, yeah I have to admit I got to briefly strap on a 17ply earlier today just to test and it felt pretty good under foot actually and I reckon a 16 ply will be perfect so I’ll need to order one online.

Thanks too for all your other tips, really good advice and I defo think I’ll be going with a light 8s lipo pack and just have a couple of spares on me. Think this is gonna be a Hobbywing Max6 build having seen how well it goes for @Nowind as I want something that can handle rough love :wink:

Alrighty so the plan is starting to come together.

I have a nice shiny new Trampa HolyPro sitting in my cart ready to go as soon as a couple of extra parts are available. Also, @nowind has just posted me out one of his AWESOME DD systems. Still not totally sure if I’m gonna go down the 8s HW Max6 route or VESC X (VESC 6 once available) 12s route. If I go lipo then I may just bag a couple of these as suggested which could later be used in a 12s setup.

In the meantime whilst I decide I couldn’t help myself and NEEDED a board so decided to get the board at the top of this thread as I figured it might make for a nice flexy park board or could be good to practice on before I ruin a really nice board!! :smile: Also I might see how my Blade Trigger performs on land and use it for some land kiteboarding.

Here’s a couple of pics and a quick vid of the ridiculous flex (which I actually quite like!)

I plan to head out to the skate park this week and I’ll before sure to video my maiden voyage! Definitely gonna leave my skinny jeans at home when I ride so don’t worry! :laughing:

Not sure how good the trucks will feel in a 50-50 - the flat section would be ideal but it tends to face out forwards - especially under flex. Does anyone have any experience grinding these? I suppose riding with wheels this size it’ll be completely different from a skateboard anyway so I guess I’ll just see what happens!

I think it’s fair to say I have the Trampa bug BAD!


Check out this guy:

Looks like he has taken mountainboarding to a new level in city terrain.


Yeah he’s got a nice ballsy style. I’ll never trade fashion over safety though - get that dude a helmet!!

Imagine how much more he could do with 2 motors!! He’s Aussie too so as soon as I get my eMTB built I’ll have to bribe him with beer to come and test it out and get him over to team Trampa!! :wink:

He actually has a signiture model.

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hah cool, didnt know he is so popular.

Well… guys like him have probably fallen so many times that they somehow know how not to fall on your head terribly… :smiley:

Ive looked through some regular skater videos… these guys have fallen so many times that only every 500time or so I think they really bang their head or something :smiley:

It just takes so much time to do some of the tricks but yeh I can partly agree that I dont always understand the logic behind no equipment vs equipment…

Guys who do stunts on the ramps, usually have at least a helmet because of the big air I believe… but they dont always have wrist / elbow / knee guards or have only some of these.

While… regular skateboard park skaters, usually dont even have a gloves or proper clothing for more terrible falls… which makes you think whenever it comes in the way too much or they just dont care, dont want to mess with extra stuff to compromise the looks and time