eBay 20% off sale ends in a few hours need help a little help with recommended power system and drivetrain components

Hi guys,

been lurking for awhile, but this is my first actual post so go easy on me.

I have a boosted v2 dual+ with modded wheel pulley and some 97mm’s, it’s a great commuter set up but I’m working on building something that’ll go just a little bit faster and not be as flexy.

Right now I’m building based on a Loaded Fat Tail, current parts list below (not much actual electric skateboard parts yet):

-Loaded Fat tail deck -Caliber 2 10" trucks -Evolve F1 107mm wheels -Reds bearings -(2x) Boardnamics idler motor mounts

I want the board to do 30 - 35mph on flat ground and be able to go around 15 to 20 miles.

My question for you guys is what current products on ebay could achieve this goal? For the soul reason that the whole site is having this awesome sale where everything is 20% off right now. I don’t want crap products on my board though so if 100% of the options on ebay aren’t worth it just let me know!

Do you guys have any recos on the power systems available there? I obviously need a battery, VESC’s, motors (looking for 190kv), enclosure, remote, wheel and motor pulley, etc.

Thanks! Brent

I wouldn’t use eBay for esk8 components. :confused:

damn this is what I was worried about - do you think this enclosure is any good?


It is good

thats a @MasterCho enclosure, PM him here.

I guess this enclosure is made for stiff decks, not flexy fattail :confused:

any recommendations for an enclosure/battery set ups for a fat tail? It’s not nearly as flexy as a vanguard deck

There seem to be 4 available? Is this @MasterCho or is someone ripping him off? The workmanship is unsurpassed, difficult to copy.

Thoughts on these wheel pulleys? I’m thinking a 36 tooth wheel pulley and 16 tooth motor pulley would be good.

That’s me. I set numbers first and when it gets low, I add more.


@MasterCho Do you think there would be an issue running your enclosure on a loaded fat tail? Its got some flex but nothing crazy.

They look glorious.

No, I recommend segmented or 2 part enclosures for the flexible deck.