eBay ESC - Aux Power for LEDs


Heya hope everyone’s doing as good as they can be, new to the forum so I hope you can’t tell my newbieness to the esk8 world, but I’m in the middle of planning out my first build, just about ready to order parts minus one little detail. I’ve searched around but I couldn’t get much info on this particularly.

I’m using an ebay ESC (yeah I know but I don’t want to dive into deep waters for my first build) that comes with a light up power switch. The standard package a dozen different sellers offer. Now I figure I can splice a lead off of the lines powering the light inside the power switch, effectively creating an aux power line basically for LEDs. Does anyone have a ballpark guess as to how much current I can draw through this? I know for a fact it provides 5v.

I found some nifty little 5v RC LED spotlights that look perfect for the job (for what its worth they actually have a really decent beam pattern) but are rated at 2W. Could my “aux power line” supply enough current for this?

On a side note, I also plan to wire in a dual 3A USB charging circuit straight off of the battery (it can handle up to a 40v input, and on a rocker switch to avoid parasitic discharge when not in use), so that in case of emergencies I can charge my phone. As an alternative to the makeshift aux power line, I could also use said USB to feed a bike light - but it’s more bulk, and less diy so I rather not go that route but I will if I have to, because I find the idea of having functional lights not just super practical for late evening cruises, but a good safety precaution in general.

Anyway. Any thoughts on this is appreciated,