Ebay ESC weak brakes

I have a 10s single belt motor esc that you see all over the place. I’m using a 6368 200kv motor. My problem is the brakes are super weak. Thoughts?

Up you battery max current regen

Get a better ESC?

Seriously, the chinese ESCs have no adjustable settings, so no way to change how they behave. Run what you brung, or buy a vesc.

not much you can do except increase the torque of your gearing eg. smaller teeth count on the motor

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I figured as much, the belts really loose too. Hopefully putting a properly tensioned belt will help.

If your belt isdnt skipping then it won’t matter.

I had the same issue on my riptide r1 (it basically uses a Ebay esc) when i swapped to 97mm wheels from 90mm wheels. Maybe try changing your gearing for more acceleration thus improving brakes.

I’m probably just going to deal with it for a month or so til I can order a proper vsec. There’s a different pulley coming this week that might work. Least I got feat.