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eBay find - trucks, mount etc

Hi all,

Has anyone every seen this product before? I’m based in the UK so this is a really good price for me, but I suspect it’s not a great product.

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Boy, doesn’t it seem like the conical holes for the motor are drilled from the wrong side?

And how do you adjust the tension of the belt?


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@empty I’m guessing you’re right, but it might be good enough to get someone started on a low budget. I like the belt cover.

For just a slightly higher cost, you could get @torqueboards mechanical setup and it would come with a motor pulley (this ebay kit doesn’t) and much higher quality components.

Enertion has a kit as well.

Thanks BigAl & treenutter.

Treenutter - I’ve spotted those already and will start a build thread at some point later today or tomorrow, as I’ve been pricing up various options including those, just if I could make a big saving, it’s worth asking for those more experienced here for an opinion.

It doesn’t look like its adjustable to tension the belt