Ebay motor pulleys

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I couldn’t get my enertion pulley of my motor, so I destroyed it to get it off. Needed get it off because i needed to weld my motor mount to truck. Mount was handmade and my trucks got terrible shape to fit it good on. So If i reorder from enertion just one pulley + shipping it will be 79$, OMG!!! So i find on ebay

Is it will be good or i’m totally f**ked? i have 12mm belt, but pulley is 16mm, also enertion one is from steel, but this made from aluminum. Does it change something, i mean size for my case and material it’s made of?

That link is no good.

Just changed!

Is your wheel pulley 12mm? If it is and also has flanges you will probably be ok. If it doesn’t and you dont get your mount perfectly straight your belt will travel off of the wheel pulley.

or you could just get one from @torqueboards. i don’t know how much it would be but he has 12mm motor pulleys.

I have enertion 12mm pulley system.

I’ve used these before, there is no keyway though. Loctite 609 or similar

Should be fine, I have used these before with same caveats as noted above i.e. Steel over soft aluminum but ok, 12mm to 12mm true mount, no keyway so file motor shaft for grubs and loctite A-OK

I have just noticed this post. I bought 2 of them for 7 euros shipping included. Making a keyway was a 5 minutes job.


I ordered a few of those to try out. shipping took a few weeks. If you want one just let me know.

they come with 3 set screws and a tool. the set screws are at 90 degrees.

I might just have to try this out. What type of saw is that exactly? I am using these types of pulleys on my CGT and it has held up so far.

It is called “coping saw” and it is used by jewellers.

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Thanks, I initially searched for wire saw amd got crappy results.

Since my motor don’t have keyway, I’ll be using just set screws. Will it hold? Also how do you take them off your motor when needed, when you have it hammered down with keyway?

I used same pulley but with 10mm shaft and using the grub screws haven’t even used loctitte and if works fine but to be safe would add some.

get hold of some loctite retaining compound http://www.loctite.com.au/3320_AUE_HTML.htm?nodeid=8802648195073 Stuff sets like stone, be sure not to get any in the motor bearings.

Yeah, i have it! That was the reason to not get off my pulley, it was holding with one 3mm set screw. So when i tried to open with allen key, it was impossible, even with heat. So head of allen key as well as set screw was broken. So tried to drill it out, even then i couldn’t get it off, so last thing i took flex tool. And my loved enertion pulley was gone. Now i need to spend 79$ if want new one! Aluminum will be o.k. for some time, i believe that i’ll need to change them every 250 km or so, because it’s soft material. Also issue is that it’s 16mm, my belt and wheel pulley is 12mm, so belt will be traveling sideways:(

Heat and a bearing puller?

No just heat with:

The grub screws that came with my ebay pulleys were short. They work but I wanted it to catch more threads. I used way longer screws plus loctite, zero problems till today.