Ebay VESC Questionable Quality?

Hey guys im planning to do my first build with the motor in the link and this ebay vesc and wondering if the quailty will be ok for a 6s and later a 9s build? Will it be reliable?

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For the esc you should type in " flipscy vesc" in the search and deside for your self if it’s good or not.

270kv on 9s is not ideal. Might even break your vesc due to high erpm… Personally I would look for something in the 63xx area and ~200 kv

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Don’t get this shity motor. Buy cheap, by twice.

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those motors are not very good. i will sell you 2 barely used ntm 5060 270kv motors if you want. ill do $35 a piece. they are actually reliable unlike those generic ebay ones.

I am in the USA btw

lol In Australian dollars 50bucks but i can get name brand ones locally for the same price

Didnt realize you were in aus

Guys how well does the ebay 170kv red coloured work? It is reliable enough to climb hills?

Got a link?

We need more info. How big of a hill? One or two motors? What voltage are you pushing them with? How much do you weigh with all the gear? Where’s the wind coming from? Is there a beautiful girl on top of the hill?

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Those are awful as well. The dont have a retainer ring for the magnets. The stator is also smaller than it should be, its a tiny motor in a big shell basically. The phase wires also cant carry anywhere near the current they are rated for. Its a big red flag

how about this one49%20am

Do you have an actual link? It looks like the same type of motor as the first one, the mounting plates will shatter ramdomly and the copper windings short easily, i think it was due to debris from the factory


Yup, those are the bad ones unfortunately. Good motors are never cheap.

I used one of the red eBay motors (270kv 5065 I think) as a spare once while waiting for other parts. Had it running at 12s with 14/32 gears and 107mm abecs. It was actually really powerful and got me up hills as fast as my good quality 6374.

Then it caught on fire and never worked again 💁 Lasted about 35km :grin: