Eboard Deck help?

Hello! I am currently trying to find a wooden deck that is 36" in length, drop through and a (optional) W curve. I have only been able to find one so far (https://www.evo.com/longboard-completes/gold-coast-hard-heads-drop-through-complete). In summation I am pretty much looking for a shorter, more well built meepo board. Any and all help is welcome. Thanks for your time and happy Esk8ing.

This isn’t an answer to your question, but it may help.

With W cave, what people do a lot now is instead of relying on having it pressed into the deck, they’ll use layers or tape or grip as addative shaping to put W cave on their decks and putting their griptape over top of it. One of the reasons why is because W cave is one of those things where if its not just right for your feet, it can really just make your feet hurt instead. Its harder to make a general shape thats good for everybody.

If you consider doing that, it should open a lot more options for you.

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oh wow thanks! thats a great idea. ill look into it further

I am just curious, but why you want a W concave on the deck?

I have F**ked up arches and the extra support is always nice.

I don’t know what type of electric skateboarding experience you have but I have dove into long distance and typically push my ranges where I can and have done so on tons of decks for thousands of miles…

The W concave on an electric deck will just hurt you feet more if you have “fucked up arches” in fact I don’t have messed up arches and W concave makes it feel like I do after 10 miles…

Its best to avoid any extreme or novel concave shapes when thinking about electrics. I find that a flat deck or one with a gentle mellow standard concave is perfect for electrics, while every board I try with W hurts my feet and I hate it more the more I use it…

Take it or leave it…


But the W :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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thanks! i have decided to go with a deck that doesn’t inherently have a W but as chainmaillkid said i might add a bit of bump there but we’ll see. thanks for the advise though, would have though it would help…

I would love to say it’s great and awesome and cool and feels good, but I can’t sorry, I have to be honest about the pain in my feet produced from it each time I use it. In fact my commuter in my trunk right now has W on the rear foot…I still ride it, and I’m telling you it sucks…lol…I will be changing that deck out for a Hummie CF here soon, I need to test that deck out…

again, thanks dude! you have just potentially saved my feet from a world of hurt. and those hummie decks are appealing but just a bit large for me. take care, sunny.

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