eBoard Dilema - (Advantages - Disadvantages)

Dear members, I am not sure if this is a questions and or a statement but I need some opinions. At this moment I would like to start a new build. Yes it’s a new eBoard build.

From my experience of hub motors and belt drive motor, both system offer advantages and disadvantages. Also having a longboard it’s self have advantages and disadvantages along the way… So after 1 year, here are my remarks.

Let me start with eBoard

  • eBoard is way more portable than eBike
  • eBoard is lighter, smaller makes it easy to transport and store (public transport)
  • eBoard is not lockable at public places
  • eBoard easily get scratched or damaged due to low ground clearance
  • eBoard easily get dirty from every ride
  • eBoard deck is commonly made from wood which is prone to breaking when often in contact with water
  • eBoard with Aluminium and CF base are more expensive
  • eBoard are a pain to carry around in the city

HUB Drive vs Belt Drive

  • HUB is silent
  • HUB can be water tight (Lofty hub motor)
  • HUB has less rolling resistance, especially when battery is flat out
  • HUB provide higher top speed but lower torque for hill climbing
  • HUB cover easily get damaged (I think less dmg on Carvon series as they snug deep inside the wheel)
  • HUB has less range if not driven at optimum speed (high speed = longer distance)
  • HUB has limited wheel size and color option

So what do I think of an ideal board:

  • Portable, light weight - carryable in the city all the time while walking around
  • Dual drive, just because I love the setup
  • Water proof deck
  • HUB driven just because of the rolling resistance and stealth, but upgradable with all terrain wheels setup
  • HUB cover or body didnt get easily damaged (I hate small scratches over my board)
  • Stealth please

Why not eMountainboard?

  • They are not stealthy (Police can easily see it through and stop you then ask you for a fine you don’t want to pay)

What I think now as an option

  • eBoard deck with waterproof protection or using aluminium and or CF
  • HUB that have longboard wheels and swappable to all terrain wheels (80/90mm / 3inch / 5inch)
  • HUB wheels that offer at least 3 varieties of colors (Black, Orange, Blue)
  • Water thigh HUB motor
  • Slightly higher ground clearance to avoid scratches

Opinion? What do you think?

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I don’t think the deck is the problem with contact with water, it’s the bearings. I think if you’re gonna get the board wet enough on a constant basis where it’s a problem, other things will break before the deck does


My deck just got busted cracking all over the place, especially where the trucks and motor are mounted. Strange indeed. But atm I am more concerned with all terrain - urethane swappable hub motor.

I think you’re somewhat overly concerned with trivial matters here - sure if you ride your skate in a monsoon day after day early grabbing off roofs and such, it might become waterlogged and/or break, but I suspect you’d be surprised at how much punishment a properly built and finished maple deck can withstand. Also who cares about scratches? It’s a skateboard.