Eboosted Enclosure JetSpud

I wanted to know peoples experience with eboosted enclosures.

I’m pretty disappointed because I spent almost $200 on a JetSpud DS enclosure from Eboosted’s site, and it didn’t even fit the board or double stacked cells as advertised :/.


Basically the first two photos show that the enclosure is too long, and the last photo shows my double stacked battery pack and how shallow the enclosure is compared to the depth of the battery.

Did you message him about it privately first?


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I’m using a single stack enclosure and it fits alright. The edge of the enclosure is dead close to the truck baseplate or riser, and that’s how it should be. Perhaps you should drop him a PM and see what he can do to help.



@Baswoods the enclosure has been designed to use the longer wheelbase holes, as you know the spud has a pretty short wheelbase and every milimiter counts to fit a bigger battery and electronics, that’s why I took this decision.

I see you used the inner position base plate holes for shorter wheel base and sealed the outter holes with car paint filler.

Drill the holes back and mount the trucks in the outter position and it will fit like a glove.

Please let me know if you need any help with that.


I didn’t do any of what you said. What you circled is dirt from my riser pad, I’m using the max wheelbase on the board.

Is that a 2nd hand board because that sure looks like filler in those holes? These enclosures have been used time and time again and have proven to be perfect.


Also seems odd that there are riser hole marks further than the outmost position :thinking:

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Looks the same here. Holes for the outer positions closed with some filler.


It’s it closed with filler. There are no holes there.

What you see is the imprint of the riser.

Maybe you should just fill in the holes that making the enclosure not fit properly & drill out the ones that were filled to get the proper fit??


If you say so than ok. But why the enclosure fit to the encarves for the wheels like it’s made for it?:thinking: Don’t get me wrong but @Eboosted usually use one template for every version of deck. So they all the same size and they fit other guys decks which have the same as you…

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Looking at @Linny pic the trucks are a lot further towards the end of the board…which is allowing the enclosure to fit properly…

Or as there are no holes according to his words, just drill holes that would fit the enclosure. Easy peasy😅

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image oh yeah cause I filled in imaginary holes. You people don’t know what dirt is. So sad how ignorant you all are.

And if the enclosure is made to fit a specific wheel base that information should be in the description for when someone is purchasing the product.


There’s no we’re in here that states that there’s a specific wheel base it was made for so I suggest it be adding in for future reference instead of suggesting that people remove nonexistent filler.

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MmmHmmm :sunglasses: :sweat_drops:

Where did you get the deck from ?