Eboosted enclosures on Wowgo 3 deck

So after having built my first board, I regret choosing a stiff deck. I thought it would benefit me with the better stability in higher speeds, but I actually prefer going slow and carving than at higher speeds, therefore I think a flexier deck would suit me better.

So I was going to buy the Wowgo 3 deck, because it is flexy and has traces in the board already dremelled out since I do not really feel like doing it myself. My concern is however if the Eboosted enclosures will fit on the wowgo board. It is pretty similar shape to the vanguard, but still a bit different.

Here is a picture of the Wowgo 3 deck.


No, it won’t fit very well because the vanguard is concave and the wowgo deck is not.

Oh, that is a shame. Is the NLS deck the same?

If you get the wowgo 3 deck just buy their enclosures too cuz thats a guaranteed fit.

I would, however the battery I have now that is made by eboardsolutions is in a single stack config. So it will not fit in any of the enclosures from wowgo. I suppose I can sell the battery on the forums and buy a new one from wowgo or make it myself.

The other option is to do the dremel work on the vanguard myself, but this seems like a complicated task.


No need to dremel a channel, legit jsut buy flat cobber wire and lay it over then some kapton tape over it and griptape.

I got a new ownboard esc and battery case if you are looking for a good deal.

What type of wire do I need that can handle the currents of a 10s2P Samsung 30Q?

I could be wrong but i believe the wowgo 3 deck does have a concave.