ECalibers and dual 5065/6364 motors?

Anyone knowing it’s possible to mount this in dual on an ecaliber truck?

I mean, the math makes sense, 10mm longer axles, 10 mm longer motors. Should work.

If you’re going for 15mm belts, it’ll be hard.

If you’re using maytech’s 6364s, no. Their motors are longer than advertised.

IMG_20190209_153952 6364 motor will fit tightly. My motors are 65.50mm wide and there is few mm left. And it depends on your mounts and pulleys.

@Tinp123 thanks for the info. Out of interest, what space have you got between your wheel pulley and motor mount? Are you running 15mm belts?

Even 9mm belts are enough for dual.

@Shaun I run 11mm belts on dual 5065s (maytech sealed) on my ronins (180mm /standard axles). So I guess it should be possible mounting everything as tight as possible. I suggest mocking it up on a sketch or 3D if you are not sure. If 15mm does go work go narrower till it fits.

@Colson003 srry, responded to the wrong message…

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I have around 3mm between pulley and motor mount. but I can increase that with “speed rings” spacers. and yes, pulley is for 15mm belt