Eco eight 8s charger help

Ok so I bought this charger in December thinking I could charge my 8s but I had no idea how to power it and now that my imaxb6 V2 broke I wanted to see if I could get it working any ideas other then a car battery.

The easiest way is to get a DC powersupply from an RC hobby store. Get one with roughly 300w output, 500w if you want some extra headroom. But any powersupply with 12-18v output should work.

Ok so how would I plug it in because there is only the red and black wires that come out

you would need to cut the end off the plug on a power supply and connect the positive to the red and negative to the black wires.

Is it possible to power it with my imaxb6 V2

it is possible… but seeing as you seem to be pretty novice in the electronic dept I probably wouldnt try it.

Yep I am below novice

Is there like something really simple like something that I can just plug in and not change any thing

easiest would be a car battery

Well that stinks because it is hard to take a car battery anywhere I need to charge my batteries well thanks for the help what about this

yeah that is exactly what you need!

Ok will order that then thxs for all the help

for some reason I was thinking you were trying to get it to work without having to buy the proper supply for it LOL.

but yeah of course buing the supply for it would be best.