EGliflde SHELL | 10s3p | Vikye ESC | weird flashing


I was having this problem with the old esc. I thought it was broken so I replaced it with this one. Now this one is doing the same thing:

What does this repeated blinking/beeping signify?

This board worked for months (on the old ESC: Dual Motors Vari-Speed Electric Skateboard Controller Longboard Scooter ESC Kit | eBay )

But every once in a while something would get triggered - wither the BMS or the ESC - and the board would not stay on. Even if I plugged it in again.

So I would take it apart, unplug the battery, reconnect and it would turn on again. I was thinking that if the battery went too low then it would trip something and it would shut off?

So I installed a switch in the enclosure that disconnects the power with the flip of a button instead of taking it all apart. But I’m thinking this switch is not strong enough to carry the current of my 10s3p battery ( made with these 18650 batteries: )

Is that what this blinking/beeping light on the ESC signifies?

And why does the board keeping tripping?

Thank you in advance for your help. I am just so lost here!

Bypass the discharge side of the bms and see what happens.

This sounds promising. Can you clarify what the discharge side of the BMS refers to? (I will be checking my notifications every hour!) Thank you so much!

So I plugged the charger in and managed to get it to stop flashing and stay on.

But when I test it, the wheels stop turning and it shuts off after a few seconds or after I get to top speed or anywhere close to it.

Turning it back on works most of the time but sometimes I have to pull the loopkey and replace it to reset it so it will turn on again.

What do you think is happening here?

This is so weird because this board worked for months and now is suddenly doing this.