EGO2 Bricked - Is it worth throwing parts at?

Hello everyone…Believe it or not, I am on my 3rd EGO2, the first got stuck in a plane in Germany. The second seemed to brick itself and wouldn’t charge and the third which I bought used on Ebay (since they are out of production) has stopped working due to what looks like a battery failure. The charger seems to be charging the battery as the charge indicator light on the charger turns green. But when I power up the and pair the controller, I get only one red blink and a vibration, which means battery is dead. Still works but very slow. So I brought the board to a local electronic repair shop here in Orange County, CA. however he is not a eskateboard specialist, he proceeded to charge and test the battery stating that the battery was still good. So I am not sure what I should do with this board, if its a paperweight or maybe I can part it out and make something out of it which brings me here…any input would help in regards to getting back on the road. Thanks.

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Hey PetesESK8, welcome to the ESK8 forum. Bummer about the board. Can you upload some pics?

Kinda sounds like a dead esc or maybe a setup issue, but I’m no expert. I’m new to e-skateboards myself.