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Ehlers Dog Runner | Long Haired Boy Enlosure | Carvon Single Hub | 5000mah 3s x2 series | Mamba Monster 2

I originally wanted to make a frankenboard from all my old r/c cars I dont really use anymore. I got tired of pushing myself miles home after my dogs got worn out from pulling my big ass (6’4"). I started looking into it online and found this amazing community. I just finished my first build and wanted to show it off since the girlfriend gave a far from enthusiastic response. And yet she still wants a turn on it…HA!

I already had the board. 40" Ehler’s Drop Through.

I ordered a Carvon single hub and an ABS enclosure from @longhairedboy. Thanks!

After a little massaging and reforming with a heat gun to form it to the concave of my board, I put some hinges on it.

I strapped/velcro’d everything to the bottom of the board and used the enclosure as protection/pebble trap.

For closing mechanisms, I went with a window latch from Home Depot for speed, and a wing nut screw/t-nut for security, failsafe so it doesn’t fall open while riding.

I love the low pro aspect of the case. There’s heaps of room left in there for bigger batteries, or dual drive expansion later on. The hinged side has just enough of a gap to allow air flow as well.

Issues I have from the first 2 test rides: initial binding of Quanum rx/tx. I have since orders a GT2B and a Badwolf case. Hub limits turning radius. solution will be to remove drop through, and change trucks to normal undermount position.

Future upgrades: -GT2B rx/tx in Badwolf case. -Dual low voltage alarms. -Charging cable adapters. -8000mah batteries (longer ride times)

Any and all criticism and advice is appreciated. Thanks for looking!


Great build nice job!
Reminds me alot of my personal builds (explains why i like it so much!)

I personally use the hinged enclosure too and i think it works great.Good idea moving away from drop throughs, theyre more stable and i think much cooler looking BUT not ideal in my opinion for Eboards-they just dont have enough clearance. Good idea switching remotes, even if your current pistol gripped worked properly the remote would just die in a matter of a few hours of use. For me they only lasted like 2 hours before i had to buy more batteries (the connection dies out when the batteries start to die out) I use the GT2b with badwolf. works perfect.

Looking forward to updates!

Sweet build! very clean looking, especially with the enclosure and single hub.

Just an fyi, the enclosure is actually made by @psychotiller, and @longhairedboy just sells some of them.

Not harping on you by any means, just giving some credit to the original creator :wink:


Credit where credit is due! Thanks @psychotiller!


Update time!

I have since had a handful of runs on the board while running the dogs. They love the thing, as they can get a full run going instead of just trotting along beside me when I go for a jog. I started getting pretty confident on it and decided to attempt a speed run ( minus the dogs!). I got it up to full throttle for about 3-4 minutes before it kicked and lost power. I got it back home and shot an email to Jerry at Carvonskates . He made some valuable recommendations and I shipped it back to him. His customer service is unbelievably great!

He suggested I up the voltage and add a breaker or fuse to keep things safe. Immediate upgrades I purchased were a Space Cell and a VESC. The BMS on the Space Cell should keep things in order.

Since I have all these components laying around now, extra ESC, loads of 6s battery setups, I decided to buy another board and turn it into a belt drive for the girlfriend. It should be easier to manage a belt drive due to its gearing. For that I have on order: Turnigy SK3 245kv, DIY’s single motor kit, and another ABS enclosure.
My question regarding the gearing is what would be best? Yes I know there are literally hundreds of posts asking the same thing online. But they are mostly asked by skinny little teenage punks that weigh 130lbs. I am a grown ass, 6’4", manchild that weighs 210lbs. I am not looking for speed records, or to set hill climb records. Is the gearing that comes in DIY’s kit good or do I need to look for a more custom setup?

Thanks again to everyone for helping me through this!

His kit will be good. I’m also a grown ass man child of the same weight…Same viilage?

I’m about 180-190 lbs. I like 16/36 the best.