El Toro! , 12s4p, 190kv , Hummie Wood & Carbon Deck


Hear i am sitting in a Banking board meeting at work, listening to several people blamber about percentages, interest rates, quaterly reports, bla bla bla… And then it hit me…just before i was about to fall alseep!

" Why dont i do a custom board?" this would be an upgrade to the “Awesome GTX Bamboo” that i already have **cough, cough and clear throat".

So i began to scribble in my meeting and I present to you “El Toro”.

Powered by; Dual Focbox 190kv 6374 12s4p GT2b - MasterCho Mod 218mm Trucks, Calibar 44 Dewedge & TB Motor Mount 15/36T

My Suppliers; @Hummie - Deck @psychotiller - Battery & Enclosure @Idea - Pulley’s @marcmt88 - Belts @Kug3lis - Dual Focbox Heat Sink @rpasichnyk - Metr Pro @akhlut - X Thingy @MasterCho - Gt2B Controller Case @torqueboards RipeTide - Bushings Amazon - Random Shit Hobbyking - Gt2 Remote

Thanks. Firstly, credit goes to the people that design and create these various products. Since joining this community, one thing I noticed is a abundance of creativity and innovation. I also came across alot of diversity, in terms of people making random unnecessary stuff, trying to reinvent the wheel and even copying other people’s designs. Either way, after spending countless hours reading and reading and reading, I concluded that the vendors mentioned above meets my needs in terms of style and most important, reliability.

The Assemble For the sake of clarity, “EL Toro” is being “assembled” and not “built”. There’s ab·so·lute·ly no parts on this board that has been designed or manufactored by Me, although i did manage to install a few idlers on the TB motor mount. IF your interested in a part that is noticed on this board, ask a question, or refer to my vendor list. I wanted to select a combination of parts to create a mean looking board, power that gives off the “i dare not” impression and a mechanical theme that compliments @Hummie Deck. So i decided to keep it simple and work it the initial slim deck profile.

I’m also going for stability, whereas the rear is deweged with 44 degree base plate with SAF (stiff as Fu**) Bushings. One major concern was “cooling” i live in sunny Grand Cayman! a whopping 80 - 100 degrees year round! :eyeglasses::beach_umbrella:. To mitagate this, the solution is to use @Kug3lis Dual Focbox Heat sink


  1. Too much Fu**ing Parts to choose from
  2. Waiting for a part that’s not available
  3. Waiting on the part to reach Grand Cayman once available (Where i live)

Current Progress The board is about 65% completed. I’m waiting on a few addtional items (battery, little bits and pieces, etc etc) then its off to the tuning bit.

The scope of the setup involves;

  1. BLDC Mode
  2. CAN Bus Comunication or (dual receviers)
  3. Latest @Ackmaniac Firmware
  4. Testing, Testing, Testing Testing, (with a bomb disposal suit lol). I play football, the game the amercians refer to as soccar, thefore i cant afford any broken limbs.

People! feel free to ask me ANY question! If i dont know the answer, i’ll make some random shit up. :joy: , JK, given that your life is potentially at risk ever time we use an esk8, i’ll help you research or refer you to the experts.

For now, gear up! ride safe and stay tuned… for pictures and additional updates.





Board looks great, very similar parts list to what I have piling up.

Thanks man. Kept this one simple. Will build another AT soon.

How and where do you plan on mounting the focbox enclosure? Is it gonna be a top mount?



Nice! So youre gonna put a cutout through the enclosure and seal it with a gasket or something to keep make it water resistant?

The Focbox Mounted on dual heatsink that will be install via enclosure cut out.

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Yes exactly ! , that’s the best plan. Weather stripping and black marine sealant

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Excited to see that part of the build! I’m waiting on my hummie deck as well! What Psychotiller enclosure are you gonna go with?

V2. 5 :smiley:, he’s molding one without the raised Battery Meter section. This will allow space for the Focbox heatsink without having it look too tacky. I’ll figure out the meter bit afterwords.

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Yeah I realized the little slot area for the switch and all would get in the way of the focbox cutout. Do you plan on further protecting the focbox enclosure from debris later on? Thats one of my concerns with doing a cutout for those types of esc enclosures

I don’t see it being a problem, because it will only have a few mm out the enclosure. I can also reduce that with trim-seal.

I was thinking on doing a carbon fiber wrap on the enclosure when i get it.

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A few updates;

Battery received from :facepunch:t4::ok_hand:t4: @psychotiller Anti spark switch @Martinsp Focbox heat sink @Kug3lis

Doing some bench testing with @Ackmaniac firmware… should be up and running soon


Could you post a pic from the other side of the enclosure?



I really like the way you did the battery meter

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Yea, it came out pretty well

What did you use? And is that the meter that came with your @psychotiller battery?