Electric bell/horn modded to remote

Been lurking around this forum for a while now and noticed that there aren’t any bell/horn options I would consider viable for electric skateboards.

I had an idea of adding an electric bell on the the remote itself. This way you could, with a click of a button, notify pedestrians that you are coming.

Rockbros bell was posted on a thread that discussed bell in general. I noticed it uses two coin batteries which I assume give 3V voltage. Regarding the remote I could only find Boosted board remote battery information which was a 3,7V 450mAh battery. I won’t be using that exact remote, but for the examples sake lets use these specifications.

So I have three questions:

  1. Is this a totally crazy/stupid idea?

  2. Is this diagram I made right? (resistor and voltage wise)

  3. Could the remote battery be replaced with a bigger battery for example this one?

Now I understand that the bell won’t fit into the remote even with the silicone striped of it, but I’m thinking of taking just the board, button and speaker from it. I would design and 3d print a new housing for the whole remote.

What remote will you be using?

Wowgo 2s remote most likely

Updated the diagram and made calculations regarding resistor.

Could someone confirm I calculated correctly?

It’s not. You can’t regulate the load at 3V with one resistor. The voltage drop over the resistor will change based on load current.

So I need a (linear) voltage regulator in stead of a resistor right? Or should it just be a diode since the voltage drop is only 0,7V?

Would this work?

Sorry it’s been quite a while (15 years) since I did this stuff in school.

That would work if you only need 1.5W max or a diode Vdrop or the part you’re trying to run might be okay with 2.8V - 4.2V you’ll have to check

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@Funkypumpkin Hi - we seem to on similar builds here on upgrading remotes with batteries and bells see my post mini remote upgrade

I am using identical bell to you - have you measured the bell current at 225mA as per diagram above ? . Seems a bit high to me but I don’t have my bell yet to measure current.

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Sweet! Good luck! This is absolute great we can compare notes :wink:

I haven’t measured anything yet since missing both the bell and the remote :frowning: So this is all speculation at this point.

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