Electric Inline Skates built

Hi, built some electric Inline Skates and working quite good for me. Here are some pics…




Please share some specs - power, speed, range, battery capacity. On video it looks like over 50 km/h - am i correct? Very good engineering in fitting motor inside such small wheel. Cheers!


@Vanarian look another pair :0


F*ck me sideways but that’s awesome ! :joy::fire::fire: I’ll look it at lunch break !

Where are the batteries ? ESC ? Where is everything ?

Wheels are 90/100mm right ?

Edit : Ok I’ve watched the video, you went the backpack storage route ? I see cables running from your boot toward your pants. Nice piece of work ! How much watts do you push in these motors ? What’s the curb weight ? Looks fast for sure (and the frame layout is built for that, definitely).


There goes the neighborhood

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We need more details :joy:this is awssome

Thanks! Motors are similar to 6355 60KV, Battery 12S4P Samsung 30Q without bms in aluminium case mounted flexible on a back-protector and fitted all together into a cycling backpack, 2 VESC Controllers are in the front of the backpack in a aluminium housing. Battery you see on the pick consists of 4 pices which I connected each to two 6S and then in serial. So I´m charging with 2 Imax B6 each 6S battery. From the bottom of the backpack there are two 3-wirecables soldered on MT60 tri-wire connector which I just connect to my Skate-pants where flexible wires are integrated. The ends of these wires are connected again with MT60 to the motors. For me this works quite good, it´s fast put on and it doesn´t bother me at skating. I even doesn´t feel wires at skating so it´s OK. Maximum speed I couldn´t measure exactly yet, theoretically at idle speed it runns a bit over 60 km/h but topspeed isn´t that fast of course. Perhaps something 45-50. Range should be similar to skateboards with similar setting, perhaps a bit bigger because I think that the 110mm wheels have less friction than skateboard wheels. Also if you drive motor aided you are also pushing which should also shorten current draw. IMG_5810



This is awesome. I would fall on my back though, crush those batteries with my enormous bulk and then blow my spine apart in the lipo explosion.

I’d build a pretty sweet wheelchair though.


@brenternet The hell with your new thumbnail hahaha

@Rollertom that’s super impressive. You almost built what I crave to finish for years and it looks gorgeous on top. Now you’re another person I also wanna race.

Where are you located ?

Edit : Do you happen to have your own cnc machine ?

@Vanarian I come from Bavaria. Motor-current and Battery-current are set to 30A for each motor. Yes, because I cut out all the sh*t of a billet aluminum I did a CNC retrofit of my mill. First skate I milled manually by hand and it was a bunch of work. What motors did you use for your skates? Are these the ones on your picture, isn´t? Looks awesome.


It’s the rainbow drama llama

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Amazing project! Before read abckback I was thinking where did he out all the big stuff in the skate :laughing: Never thought too much about electric online skate but there were by passion when I was teenager. Which milling machine did you retrofit to CNC? I just got a optimum Bf20L CNC.

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I don’t get where the motor is ? In between of the wheel frame ?

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@rey8801 Mine is similar to yours, name is Bernardo KF25 L. Did the retrofit that I can mill either per hand by loosing 3 screws on each axis which are working like a cutch or fully controlled if scres are tightened up. CNC controller and amplifier are placed in an old PC housing which I bought cheap secondhand. Contoller is connected via Eithernet with PC where the CNC program is running (Eding CNC). CAM i do with Fusion360 and CAD with Catia.


IMG_5521 IMG_5673 IMG_5676


Indeed they are virtually the same, your has the DRO though. Very handy for manual milling. This milling machine is made in China (as most of them and has being rebranded with different name such as bf20, kf25, pm25, grizzly g0704. They have minor difference but overall they are the same. I see you also have the stock motor which I guess goes up to 2.9-3K rpm. A bit slow for aluminium. What feed, speed and deepth of cut do you use? I also have a router and usually go with 2 flutes for aluminium but since the low rpm I was thinking of change to 3 flutes to speed up a bit the process.

image I use Fusion360 for both CAD and CAM and mach3 for the CNC mill and router.

Edit: of course feed and speed Chang ebased a lot of parameter but let say standard Alu 6061. 3 /6 / 8 mm flat end mill. Thanks for the info. Still have to test this machine.


@rey8801 @Rollertom I’d love to have my alu frames made by one of you but understanding how long and painful the process is… :exploding_head:

That’s impressive to say the least!

@Rollertom I used modified E-Max GT4020 85kv motors (and still have additional modifications to make on it), 40mm stator and 50mm rotor diameter. Did yoy modify existing models?

After I have done with all the GBs and ship out all the stuff I am available to help for custom parts. It also one of the reason why I got a biffier CNC. My small router was ok for single parts but otherwise it take too much time to cut let a say precision trucks ecc…while this thing is capable of more aggressive cuts. Still a small CNC, but let’s say higher grade hobby CNC.

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First i have to say that i am very impressed with your build. Really nice design of the skate with the wider part for the power wheel.

I have been inlineing since i was about 7 years and now i take my Three wheel 125mm speed skates with me on every vacation since they are so small and light + they are faster than most bikers.

I have follwed and tried to find others who try to find a good solution to, don’t know what to vall it… “E-lin3”.

I think Thunderblade has a bad solution with rubbing the pulley against the wheel:

This guy has an intrseting solution with no remote, but he seems far from done https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=65799

I do like your solution with the remote and battery in the backpack for a high powered skate.

From my experiance standing still on the skate will create alot of vibrations in the feet. I se that your goal is to be skating with electric assistance but have you looked at a pneumatic solution?

/Best regards Sco

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And now i noticed that i put a link to your build :p. Nice job also!

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