Electric Longboard Battery

Batteries are super expensive, I was wondering what the best balance between price, speed, and range I could get. I have a dual belt 5055 motor system with 90 mm wheels. I want to be able to easily scale hills and have a top speed of around 25 miles (40 km) an hour. I would like a range of 20+ miles. Any affordable complete batteries I could get?

what kv and gear ratio are you running?

Update your bio with location information so people can make better recommendations :wink:

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I’m tempted by this…

Cells: Samsung 10s2p 40T Weight: 1460g Configiration: 10s2p Max discharge current: 60A

I have a few prebuilt 10s4p packs using sont vtc5 cells ready to be shipped for $310

I am also willing to build you a custom pack with lead time, you can pick the cells and i will order them