Electric longboard first build

Hi to all members. I’m a new at this forum. I’m going to build electric longboard. And I need little help with motor. Will this motor be good for build: https://www.der-schweighofer.si/ROXXY-BL-Outrunner-D63-72-Air230kv-a90651

I will have single setup on 8-10s and gears 16-48. I’m looking for more torque and not for speed. Tnx

If you want torque over speed you better lower the kv 6374 170kv would be my choice.


Tnx for reply…but is this motor good motor? Price is high and I need advice before I buy it.

Sk3 are very good motors

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Expensive motor AF. Do a lot more research before u waste ur moneys

Those look like they would connect easily to a Focbox, that would remove some DiY work - does it have any hall sensor connectors?

no sensors 10 char

all bldc motors connect easly to a bldc controller?.. not sure what your aiming for there. Hallsensors are overrated imo.

I recently got into this more seriously as a hobby other than just riding around lol sorry, just saw a motor I didn’t recognize and noticed it could connect to my Focs

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sorry if i came across as a douche, thats just how I communicate. Your observation is correct

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Don’t worry about it, you got me scouring hobby king for some 149 kv Turnigy motors now lol - I can’t find any on hobby king but I did find some here on Amazon via HobbyKing. I’m thinking it might be worth it, since I wanna get more torque and less drain on my batt; though with Focs, I think that wont be a problem…

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Yes I see this turnigy sk3 motors. But I think robbe is much higher quality and more reliable than turnigy. Robbe motor is equipped with triple ball bearings which are are big and can take more load. I can get this motor at really good price only 50e for new one. Here’s link with English description : https://www.multiplex-rc.de/produkte/314992-roxxy-bl-outrunner-d-63-72-air-200-kv

My consider is just if it will perform beter than turnigy.

For esc I will use this one https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-sk8-esc-v4-12-for-electric-skateboard-conversion-w-bec.html

I hope it will be ok.

The mounting holes say 14mm centres which won’t fit regular mounts. There is the x adapter plate which may make it fit although it will stick out further.

I have custom made mount…so this is not a problem for me.

Do you think it would fit on an Evolve mount?

I don’t know. Between holes is 4cm.

I just tested my e-longboard for the first time…it is insane My setup : 5s lipo, turnigy vesc, motor pulley 16t, wheel pulley 48t, belt htd 3m 15mm wide, 70mm wheels and mini remote control from ebay. I cant believe how fast is it. It run very smoth and nice. I noticed when I breaking my belt sliping. Must be problem with 3m belt. I will order new set with 5m pulleys and belt. I will also buy 80mm or 90mm wheels but I need off roads. In my country roads are very rough.