Electric longboard Maytech 90mm hub

Sell ​​electric longboard. Long assembled from good, high-quality components. Deca: Lou hill Recoon 44 inch Denser / Freeride Very soft, nice deck, with pockets for legs and fiberglass coating on both sides. Set of engines and suspensions, wheels: maytech 90mm hub motor kit Maxfind 1600w dual motor esc controller. The radiator and the case are installed on it, I ordered a print on the printer. The battery is assembled from 50 elements lg hg2 10s5p. Divided by 5s for charging. For charging you need any model / computer charging for 5s lipo Or add Bms board and charge from Ac-dc charger

Battery run for six months, I will give screenshots when I ordered parts. All items in perfect condition. Max speed 30km / h Run on a single charge 44km The dynamics of acceleration is very good. + It is possible to choose one of 3 modes of acceleration on the remote (you can not be afraid to give children) Price with battery 500! I can sell without a battery - $ 150 IMG_20190218_192822 IMG_20190221_120208 IMG_20190221_120231 IMG_20190221_120241 IMG_20190221_120322 IMG_20190221_120342 IMG_20190221_120350 IMG_20190221_120354 IMG_20190221_120419 IMG_20190221_120451 IMG_20190221_120608

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