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Electric Lowrider Boards

So i came across this picture Seemed like a pretty cool idea but wiTh the e-boards You could put the batteries/vesc/motor on the front/back part and make something like a cover for it.

Electric Lowrider Longboard seems like a pretty cool idea

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Hey, this guy has put his board together the wrong way…


Because it looks pretty dope, also why always put it below the deck. Trying something different sometimes could be interesting and fun.

Extreme wheelbite!! And those long bolts going from the trucks to the board would be put in a lot of weird tensionif u were able to turn. Looks cool,though

Hub motors and a drop thru drop deck sounds good though! And put the electronics in the board.


I think “Extreme Scrape” the shit out of the board!

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Haha, if it’s a Hellaflush board it’s probably just for show/laughs from the car community. Look at the chunks taken out of the board to fit the wheels. I bet anyone over 50 lbs steps on that thing and it hits the ground. Does look cool though…

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not practical at all though :confused:


I hate turning.


usually the trucks are bent, too. for better steering.
those boards are awesome. (I think I saw them years ago on wackyboards website)