Electric Mountain Board Part List:

Please check my build… If theres something wrong please say it to me… Ty

Trucks= MBS Matrix II Oil Slick – $249(×2)

Hubs= MBS Rockstar II Hubs – $59.80(×4)

Tires= MBS T3 Tires – $79.80(×4)

Tubes= MBS 8" Tubes – $51.80(×4)

GearDrive= Boardnamics M1-AT MBS – $299(×2)

Motors= Massive Stator Titan-X84 – $300(×2)

Remote= Spintend Uni1 V2 – $69

Controller= Spintend Ubox V2 – $399

Battery: 12s8p BMS= Flipsky BMS 44v – $203.70 Cells= Panasonic NCR21700 4800Mah

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Are you building your own battery? If so, the only thing i can say would be bad (depending on how you feel about the owner of those motors) is your stance on him. 300 for motors are pretty pricy tho. Shouldn’t it be $150 × 2?

If not, that battery price is kinda sus. Where are you getting it from? The list didn’t make sense on the battery part.

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You are overpaying for those.

These might require you to sand them down for the gear drives to fit. Regular MBS trucks maybe a bit less.