Electric Mountainboard For Sale - (US)

Time to let go of one of my boards, just have too many and not enough time. I am located in Tampa, FL and would prefer someone local but am willing to ship in the US. I will keep this board before I part it out so please don’t ask.

Asking $1400 for everything - my zip is 33615 for shipping quotes - I can get weight and dimensions later if needed as well.

I can accept credit cards through my business for an extra 3% fee, same with paypal. Otherwise cash, venmo, zelle, etc… Locals are welcome to take it for a spin first as well!!

This setup has less than 100 miles on it and I purchased everything new, all work done in house including the battery. I’ve ridden this board 25 miles on a single charge (170lbs), its quick and it handles amazing.

Trampa Electric Holypro Deck MBS Matrix 2 Trucks MBS Twistar Hubs, MBS road tires (200x50) MBS F4 Bindings

10s4p battery built with samsung 30q Bestech BMS (charge/discharge)

  • volt meter, charging jack and switch are built into a Pelican case that holds the battery setup and can be detached from the board. Flipsky 4.2 VESC in 3d printed enclosure Maytech Remote

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374 149kv (x2) Janux-esk8 Motor Mounts (black & orange powdercoated) 18t drive pulley 60t wheel pulley installed, comes with 2x 72t wheel pulleys as well (can be switched out with a screw driver) 2x htd5m-15-490 belts (72t pulleys) and 2x htd5m-15-450 belts (60t pulleys)


Hey just curious where did you get the wheel pulleys for the twistar hubs?

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I design and print them myself :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh nice, cant even tell theyre printed! Do you have the file on thingiverse possibly?

Never mind just found them thanks dude!

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I have a few different versions, not sure which ones I have on thingiverse but if you don’t see what you need let me know and I’ll upload them.


I am only seeing the 72 teeth pulley, could you upload the 60 teeth possibly?

I’ll upload it to my site in a bit and post a link


Awesome thank you

Awesome! You have no idea how long I’m trying to get pulleys for my twistar hubs… Can you print and sell a couple? I’ve found you design (i think) but can’t find a company here to print those for me. Let me know if you can sort me out since that part is the only one missing on my diy project.

Same motors. Same bindings. Same hubs… Only deck, escs and battery are different. I thought about getting new hubs to finish this project but maybe now i can finish it if you can help me.

think I got it right this time… 40mm from hole to the center and 47 between holes

Sorry work has been killer - just uploaded them here: https://www.shueboxed.com/file-share/04f2df22-be84-468a-adf9-f6775818946b

It’s the zipped STL file

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File is here for 66t for MBS hubs - with the twistar hubs you can change gears without having to deflate the tires too. You’ll want to install heated brass inserts for the screws to keep everything lined up.

If you PM me your shipping info I can get you a total price for a set of this shipped to you.


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Last bump before I start parting this out next week!

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You got 25 miles of range on pneumatics with a 10S4P 30Q battery? That seems super unrealistic.

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Between 20-25 easy and still had battery to go just ran out of time. Stop n go… plus I’m in FL, we barely have hills and this was road/sidewalk all day.

If you are parting out I am interested in the deck trucks and wheels…what esc is in that thing?

I am likely going to keep those for another build I have planned - I am taking them out this weekend, if I don’t get any hits on it I’ll be posting parts for sale next week.

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Bumpppppp… last call!