Electric Reaper | Never summer Reaper 2016 | TB218mm | Dual BKB 6374 190KV | Focbox

Been researching and planning on building an electric skateboard since beginning of last year. Original idea was I wanted something stealth with long range but I slowly got more and more carried away and ended up with this.

I wanted to try document parts and total cost as best I could to help highlight how quickly everything adds up and how expensive building a electric board can be with quality parts. So I have added almost everything I have purchased for this build not including the price of tools like a spot welder for making the battery or soldering iron.

Parts list
Item Cost QTY Shipping VAT Total
Deck Never Summer Reaper ā‚¬219.00 1 - - ā‚¬219.00
Front Truck Caliber II ā‚¬34.95 1 - - ā‚¬34.95
Rear Truck TorqueBoard 218mm ā‚¬27.50 1 ā‚¬17.50 ā‚¬9.50 ā‚¬54.50
Wheels 90mm Flywheel/clones (Blue) ā‚¬36.00 1 ā‚¬15.00 - ā‚¬51.00
Total ā‚¬349.95
VESC FocBox ā‚¬145.00 2 ā‚¬2.99 - ā‚¬292.99
Motor BKB 6374 190KV ā‚¬102.00 2 ā‚¬30.00 ā‚¬55.00 ā‚¬289.00
Remote Nano-X ā‚¬59.99 1 ā‚¬2.99 - ā‚¬62.98
Enclosure Eboosted Reaper ā‚¬72.69 1 ā‚¬27.25 - ā‚¬99.94
Battery Samsung 30Q (10s4p) ā‚¬3.80 40 ā‚¬6.52 - ā‚¬166.12
BMS Bestech 10S HCX-D223-V1 ā‚¬60.00 1 ā‚¬8.00 - ā‚¬68.00
Power Switch Blue LED power switch ā‚¬8.99 1 ā‚¬2.99 - ā‚¬11.98
Bluetooth module DIY HM10 module ā‚¬3.00 1 - - ā‚¬3.00
Charging port DC in 2.1mm socket ā‚¬3.99 1 ā‚¬2.99 - ā‚¬6.98
18650 PCB Custom designed PCB ā‚¬1.78 10 ā‚¬1.99 - ā‚¬20.89
Charger 42v 2a Lavolta. Cheap temporary charger ā‚¬18.00 1 - - ā‚¬18.00
Drivetrain Total ā‚¬1039.88
Motor Mount marcmt88 Motor mount with dual idlers ā‚¬42.00 2 ā‚¬20.53 - ā‚¬104.53
Wheel Pulley Enertion 12mm 36T injection molded (EU Groupbuy) ā‚¬11.00 2 ā‚¬7.00 - ā‚¬29.00
Motor Pulley Custom HTD 5m 12mm 15 tooth ā‚¬10.00 2 ā‚¬2.99 - ā‚¬22.99
Belt 12mm HTD 5M 305mm ā‚¬8.00 2 ā‚¬4.00 - ā‚¬20.00
Total ā‚¬176.52
Wire 12AWG Red silicone wire - 6 meter ā‚¬9.01 1 - - ā‚¬9.01
Wire 12AWG Black silicone wire - 6 meter ā‚¬9.01 1 - - ā‚¬9.01
Wire 14AWG Black silicone wire - 6 meter ā‚¬5.80 1 - - ā‚¬9.01
Wire Flat tinned braided copper - 2 meter ā‚¬25.43 1 - - ā‚¬25.43
Wire 12mm .15 pure nickle strip - 2 meter ā‚¬9.00 1 ā‚¬6.57 - ā‚¬15.57
Wire Balance wire (ribbon cable) - 3 meter ā‚¬6.99 1 - - ā‚¬6.99
Connector XT-60 - 5 pairs ā‚¬4.21 1 - - ā‚¬4.21
Connector 3.5mm bullet connector - 10 pairs ā‚¬1.75 1 - - ā‚¬1.75
Connector 6mm bullet connector - 10 pairs ā‚¬5.26 1 - - ā‚¬5.26
Cable Management 100mm Heatshrink - 5 meter ā‚¬10.15 1 ā‚¬3.38 - ā‚¬13.53
Cable Management 530 peice heatshrink kit ā‚¬6.98 1 - - ā‚¬6.98
Cable Management 8mm wire mesh guard - 2 meter ā‚¬1.34 1 - - ā‚¬1.34
Enclosure Mounting M4 threaded wood inserts - 10 pack ā‚¬2.47 1 ā‚¬3.93 - ā‚¬6.40
Enclosure Mounting M4 20mm button head screws - 10 pack ā‚¬0.80 1 - - ā‚¬0.80
Enclosure Mounting M4 Rubber washers - 20 pack ā‚¬2.54 1 ā‚¬4.49 - ā‚¬7.03
Misc Thread lock 242 ā‚¬1.02 1 - - ā‚¬1.02
Misc Thread lock 609 ā‚¬0.84 1 - - ā‚¬0.84
Misc Silver solder ā‚¬9.66 1 - - ā‚¬9.66
Misc Soft black gasket for enclosure - 2m ā‚¬7.98 1 ā‚¬2.99 - ā‚¬10.97
Misc 3M hook and loop self adhesive tape - 3meter ā‚¬11.99 1 - - ā‚¬11.99
Total ā‚¬156.80
Grand Total ā‚¬1723.15

I have only just gotten everything togethe and not even taken it for a ride and already wanting to change things.
I got distracted from my original idea of a stealth board that is almost indistinguishable from a regular longboard, So have already purchased some Carvon V4 speeddrives to replace the whole back end with.

Guess not ā€¦

And want to replace the deck with a Hyper Beast deck by @NAF, or any kind of similar style sealed bottom deck for a more regular longboard look if I can find any.

Still have a small details to finish. I did want to channel the deck and run the motor wires through, but now that I want a new deck and carvons/quality hub motors Iā€™m waiting before I do too much more work in case I change it all.


I loved my never summer Reaper, such a beautiful deck.

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Hi do you know someone who sells enertion Wheel pulley 12mm ?

If you get a new deck, do you plan on selling the never summer reaper? Or keeping it? If so I be gladly willing to purchase it