Electric scooter transformed into Electric longboard Help

If I am posting this in the wrong category I apologize. I am new I came up with the random decision to make an electric longboard. I know nothing about anything. My grandpa who was an engineer is helping build the main parts then I will take it to a teacher and have her help me make a controller. I have an idea to use a nunchuck wii controller because it is small and can fit into my hands (I have small hands) Today I disassembled a razor electric scooter I got a while back and haven’t used it in a while. I salveged the motor and what I believe to be an esc it matches pictures of it. It says electric bike controller on it. I believe the batteries were done because my thing (scooter) would not turn on. I also have made a pully system and a motor mount with the help of my grandpa and so far have not spent a dime. What I would like to know will I be able to program a remote to it? What size battery should I get (I will put the stats I have dug up at the end)? How fast will it go I weigh roughly 120? How far will the range be? Also any other information you believe I need. I have been doing research and I am honestly confused and starting to get overwhelmed any thing helps. I also do not understand any of the voltage and amps and other stuff.

Electric Bicycle Controller Rating voltage 24v Under voltage 19.5 ± 0.5v model no:zk2400-dp-fs-rohs

The motor 24v 100w 2500rpm “powerful four brush permanent magnet design with 100% ball bearing construction”

also if you could recommend the bestest cheapest equipment that I could use and where to find it. hobby king seems like what everyone says but they are always out. is there another store i could go to that is in the united states?

Provide photos, this is abit unclear for others to help you out. However I am not sure if this is going to work the way others would end up. If you are not sure what you’re doing, it could cost you more time, effort and frustration along the way.

I am just trying to work with what i have i dont mind the time and frustration. I do want to buy motors and esc. but for my first build i want to be able to upgrade and progress. At this moment I want a nice cheap motor and esc. I have done tons of researched and watched videos. My plan is to build one that can possibly go 25 mph with a nice range. eventually i will work my way up to the nice stuff but i wanna start out nice but cheap. what are good batteries, esc, and a motor to use?

I’m not sure how effective your board will be with only a 100W brushed motor.

Most setups today use something like a 2200W brushless motor. Some even use two. Not only are these motors significantly more powerful than the motor you have, brushless DC motors (BLDC) are more efficient than brushed motors

okay so I need to find a bigger motor that is brushless. what do you suggest? what esc will be paired up with that and what battery.