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Electric skate boards in the snow

Hello my name is Hans Swanson and I am a resident in Minnesota. We get alot of snow for a good part of the year and was wondering how I could “snowproof” my e skate.

I would like you to consider 2 types. Type one is for a general transportation application which would need the ability to operate in not more than an inch of snow. Used on semi plowed roads. The second type is a deepish snow aplication like on trails. This would be alot harder. Im considering trying to power my snowboard instead and would be beter for deep snow. I don’t know how I would mount a snowmobilebelt or some form of propolsion probably on the binding mounts. Someone has done something similar with jet engines REALLY COOL!!! This is an iteresting challenge And wold lIke your help and input.

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those are ducted electric fans, not jet engines. Kind of a huge difference, but hey, who am I to argue with a click-bait headline? They effectively produce the same result which is thrust. These are actual fuel fed jet engines and would likely produce a similar result:

however electric fans are likely much easier to work with and control.

You should totally go with tank treads if you can figure that out. In my head it looks amazing.

#1 is doable, I think. Mostly waterproofing electronics and keeping the batteries at a happy temperature. #2 would definitely be cool, and I think the snowboard is the way to go. However, design issues aside, I can’t imagine how low the efficiency would be in loose snow. Powering via batteries for any appreciable distance would be quite a challenge in and of itself, I’d guess. Hope I’m wrong, would be awesome.

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Kind of a huge difference

snow hey…

needs this

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THIS. This is what is necessary. Snow, mud, rocks, shitty sidewalks, small animals and children, nothing could stop you!


Wow, that’s legit. Wonder what it weighs.

These our my verry rough sketches of what it would look like if you have any thoughts or ways I could improve my design please share.

I am considering just putting the battery’s in a back pack instead of on board. I do have to cut some of the tail out to fit the wheel.

This thread will be awesome :). Now I wish I lived by snow, lol.

That looks awesome. I wonder if you can mount a couple rollers with a snow mobile - type tread to give better traction in deepish snow. Definitely not an easy project, interested to see what evolves!

oh damn! this is gonna be great!

What kind of wheel are you looking at? Something wide and flat with teeth or more round and knobby? I wonder if you could rig up a lever system that would allow you do use your weight as the downforce for the wheel. Like have the wheel on some springy forks of some sort that a foot pad could be placed on.

I’m thinking of more of a flat spiked wheel for more traction. They make what looks like snow go cart wheels. I’m still looking for a good and relatively inexpensive one. I’m trying to use the spring to apply force down onto the snow through the lever. I dont have experience with snowmobile type traks so im stiking with a snow wheel which shpuld work fine as long as the treads dont get caked with to much snow. It’s still a very rough design. I hope it will be as cool as it sounds.


I’ve stewed on the idea of an electric snowboard for years, i’d love to see this made. If it works I’m making one

@locktight I came across this video and thought of your thread; not quite tank tracks but pretty cool!


Haha… Damn that’s a beast… You can run over stuff with those tires.