Electric Skateboard Build 10S6P

Built the deck from scratch using the Roarrockit vacuum bag, wood from Pro Edge Products and Titebond III. 9 plies with a layer of carbon fiber on top and bottom Other components: VESC-X and nano remote from Enertion. There’s a switch to change from beginner to full out, which is handy for cruising. 10S6P battery pack, on/off switch, battery meter from Chi Boards (Bara Jabali) Trucks and wheels from Evolve Extended BLDC using Watt control and throttle curve (make sure you give him a donation!) Front headlights from Shred Lights Battery case from Psychotiller Racerstar 5065 motors X2

My first electric skateboard build, and 3 deck attempts to get what I wanted. Bara was a huge help via email, text and actual phone conversation, and not to mention all of the invaluable help from the forum.

I’m still trying to figure out how to properly hook up the sensored motors, but everything is working fine at this point.

I’ve been rocking the Evolve 7" wheels, and so far I have a 20 mile range (with 25% battery left, and you can tell the battery is getting weak) and reached a top speed of 21mph. I usually just cruise the parks and streets at an average of 14-17mph. My 97mm flywheels should get me over 25mph, and I should be able to get at least 30 miles on a single charge. Since Milwaukee streets are so rough, I’m going to leave the off road tires on.


This is sweet!

Here’s a pic of the innards:

And it’s a perfect fit the back of my minivan.


Amazing! Looks like you recycled some GT parts as well. What deck is that?

Wow that looks sooo much better than most crap people are trying to crowdfund these days.

Thanks! I made the deck myself. The first deck was from a press I made out of wood, but I cut the deck out poorly. The second attempt turned out like butt, so I used the first board as a template and a vacuum bag kit to form this board. Never used carbon fiber before, but it was very easy.

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Sweet Build how much did it cost you in all?

Super slick, I never would have even known the board was custom, it looks so professional. Mad props!

I was trying not to add up the costs, as I really was afraid of how much I was spending on this hobby. I’m a little shocked that the basics above came out to $1450.00, not including the little things like paint, masking tape, rollers, brushes, etc. (not to mention a hours of my time). The Evolve Bamboo GT is about the same price, and I have twice the battery capacity, and 3 times the range (I currently have one of those as well).

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If anybody’s interested in some funny skate videos, check these out that we made.

I work at a small guitar shop, and we decided to truck and chuck musical instruments that can’t be fixed.

Here’s one of a keyboard the day we closed on a new building for the store. The end is the best, and I’m the guy with the hammer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORXHG6IB968

A poorly made cello that the neck broke off of in our store, and it was unrepairable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYxEzq7A7FU

10s6p… If your gonna go with Li-ion, that’s the way to do it!

That build looks pro. Awesome work

What is hanging down from the side of the board? Is it a handle?

Thanks! Yes, that’s a cabinet handle I found for $5.00. Soon to be painted black.

The racerstar motors, are they the 200kv versions?

I have the 140kv. I’ve since read around 190kv is better. I’m going to buy some 200kv as spares, and put those on at some time in the future

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nice build! good to see another rider in the MKE area not many in WI from the looks of it

Are you in MKE? I live near the airport. The bike trails along Lake Michigan are great for skating, especially at night. Ken

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i live in Waukesha still within driving distance, i have been to south shore park which is pretty nice if we could find more people and do a small meetup that would be awesome, i keep seeing others do the same but in CA

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I’m down to ride whenever you are

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