Electric Skateboard Building Video Tutorials - You Tube Playlist

Over the last 12 months or so I have added lots of videos into my Electric Skateboard Builder YouTube Channel Some of them have lots of useful information about building electric skateboards, some of the videos are more generic product updates etc.

To help people find the best electric skateboard building tutorials I have created a link to them from my website.

Click here for the playlist: How To Build Electric Skateboard Video Tutorials


Great. Easy to find. Now you have to make another video. How to upgrade from a 9mm to a 12mm belt drive on a dual Raptor… making popcorn as we speak. :grin:

I actually wanted to create a very similar topic to this one… so here will go the text I had already 'dedicated for that topic:

After watching @lowGuido esk8 making video I stumbled upon a bunch of other videos others have made about this topic.

Text and Picture info is all great n that but there are just a few things were video beats the pictures and text, I think…

One of the examples I found are these guys:

Lowguido’s video should probably be here too, so @lowGuido feel free to post it here, if this topic gains some momentum and support from the members.

Heck, if it would be a good compilation, maybe it should get pinned too.

I hope @onloop does not mind and im pretty sure lots of guys actually use enertion parts, like motor mount, motors, wheels etc anyways.

i’ve created some videos about building an electric skateboard too, they are in :es: spanish because there is not many information in my native language :slight_smile:

here is my youtube channel


Cool. Maybe we have some more national esk8 channels… I assume germans should have something too :smiley:

oh well if you insist :stuck_out_tongue:

I have plans for more videos, some esk8 related and some other exciting things too… feel free to subcribe if you want.


@lowGuido yeh, I think this video thing is a very good idea. I saw lots of people commenting under your video actually.

Some of them asking for parts list, of course… but yeh :smiley:

Plus, I think there are lots of people who actually even build out of youtube videos only, without visiting a forum and having some more in-depth Q&A