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Just stumbled upon what seems to be a new forum/board, seems to be set up by @onloop ?


Anyone seen/heard about this project already?

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Makes sense since he is moving from the DIY market (which this forum is mostly focused on) to the complete board market. The idea of a club focused on enjoying eskate will help him to connect more with the market that will buy his boards in the future.

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I thought the same but it is not Enertion-only board and there are vendor categories here as well. Kind of weird but what can we do. Registered :slight_smile:

well, he is good at marketing

Well… he has lots of new stuff there, so yey for everyone lol who loves to read more of his written stuff… Some of the guides he wrote here covered a lot of info which was not portrayed elsewhere at that time… for example a few specifics about how to design a drive train, their ratios and so on…

So Im kind of glad he made a new forum… it looks the style is going to be similar to this forum and might attract quite a lot users because of the content stored there.

I can shamefully confess, im also signed to evolve forum… there was a few pieces of new info what evolve users face daily… but otherwise the forum was never as attractive as this esk8 builders forum :slight_smile:

i’m on Evolve too, but only because my name kept coming up there.

Maybe i’ll go join this esk8.club or whatever. Sounds fun.

or start another forum at esk8.life or esk8.me or esk8.build or something.

or maybe i’ll start a newer, more private forum in my garage that you can only use your native analog interface to communicate on.


First time seeing it today so I joined it! Looks like I may be one of the only ones registered at the moment haha. Although I love the DIY scene (and pre-built DIY boards for sale), I’ve yet to build one myself so I can see why he’d make another forum like this.

You mean, like BBS? 'Coz I would totally join! :smiley:

No, you have to use your Organic Biological Analog Interface. The one you were born with.

basically i’m going to start a forum in the format of a lounge at a physical location where you have to show up and actually converse with human beings face to face. Its a new thing i’m working on. It probably won’t catch on right away, but i’m always ahead of my time so i’m used to it.


Hahaha, oh man. I just saw “analog”:slight_smile:

woah that is a cool idea… Wish you luck to establish something decent with that in the future!

I miss the option to have esk8 crews around where I live… it will probably be a way new level of awesomeness… something like car dudes and motorbike dudes are doing now :slight_smile:

@longhairedboy -I thought he was going old school too - wanted to suggest he put it on a analog phone line with a modem supporting 900 baud or less and host the chat on a TAG BBS.

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Well, you’d need something to attract people to such an establishment. I suggest beer. :smiley: :beers:

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I joined, don’t how useful I will be as I don’t own any pre-builts but…yeah, there’s that :slight_smile:

I just hope he does not shut this one down.

from his forum post: “Ok, so you know this is going to cost you a decent amount to get the job done properly, but you don’t care; you love building stuff and needed a new hobby anyways.”

I feel like he is talking about me. Don’t even care about riding to be honest. Building is so much fun.


yeh I liked some of the ‘builder’ profiles, too… Actually found a a lot of stuff which was new to me and im glad Jason did shed some of his own insights and perception on the matter.

I think the 2 forums (including the new one) should co-exist nicely, I see that the new forum could be a good base for people who just want to ride their eboards without going into too many technical details…

Facebook groups can somewhat see both ‘influences’ but I think our diy forum is a bit more hardcore on building, getting new parts and so on, while there are people who focus more on riding, technique, speed and so on… whatever it might be once you are on an eboard or close to one hah

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I’d be willing to take over hosting if that ever happens. We’ll be fine.


Hi guys…

This forum won’t shut down… it’s here for people who like building esk8. A place to talk tech about parts. Do group buys for parts. Promote and grow your DIY esk8 parts business. Only problem with this forum is it’s very intimidating for the non-technical esk8 riders.

The new forum. www.electric-skateboard.club is for people who buy completes, people who don’t care too much about how something is made but do care about how something performs and functions in the real world. It’s a place to celebrate riding and the joy of the sport.

A place without endless noob questions about; how to solder a anti-spark switch?, or what esc do I need?, What kV do I need?.. any technical post about building will be deleted.


Let me know if you ever want to unload yourself of it. I’d be more than happy to continue what you started if you ever decide to pass it on. This resource is definitely too valuable to let dissipate into the ether.

I signed up over there at your new forum. Everyone can relax now that i have.


I’d second that as well; and I’m sure many others around here would be happy to pick up this forum if you decide you don’t want it anymore.