Electric Skateboard hire (rent)

Hello, is anyone aware of some places in Europe who are hiring electricskateboards? The plan is to open this one in Baltic states… We have nice seaside in Estonia Tallinn :wink: Would like ask a good advice… All suggestions and good thoughts are welcome here in this discussion…


If you are gonna start this, I will hitchhike and skate with my non-motorized 300W human powered foot-pushed beauty to you from the Czech Republic :wink:

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I was just thinking about how cool it would be to be able to hire even a china clone board on a holiday, I would even modify my destination if there was a eSk8 rental business there :slight_smile:

I would make sure to have a lawyer on hand to make sure you have a proper liability waver!

IDK Estonia, but I guess they are not as strict rule followers like Germans :wink:

I really like the idea :slight_smile: but you would have to buy a lot of low powered skateboards, that can stand ome serious abuse (not chineese clones)…Maybe Yuneecs could work…low speed, nice deck, long range, for a beginner really good choice :wink:

And then few beasts for those who like adrenaline :slight_smile:

And A lot of helmets and protective gear for rent too, do not forget those :slight_smile:

And some kind of good insurence :wink:

You have time to start moving, because I’m definitely trying to get started:grinning:wink:

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Yes i have 2-3 yuneec E-Go s. I’ve already rented it through my FB page… Yes, these skateboards are perhaps the best solution for hire are not fast and quality is reasonable…

I like to have test example for one like this: WOWGO

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WOWGO is chineese board…do not expect it to last :confused:

Dont be surprised that you will have high costs from replacing parts like bearings, wheels and after some time even batteries :slight_smile:

I have friend electronik insener… who can maintain and repair (battery module, ESC etc.) It would not make sense if i dont have such an acquaintance and with his help:wink: Only problems i have is motors…


Sorry: electronics engineer

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