Electric Skateboard Inventions, technology & patents

Prior Art:

onloop/Enertion nailed it. Utility patents are hella hard. Notice how the above patent does not specify that it is for a skateboard - only that it is for a “personal transportation system and methods.” This patent is the most complete and intense one I have ever encountered - however there is no shortage of Bike Hub motor patents to read about (so… eh?). Again, this would only offer IP in the USA and would probably offer little to no practical protection against copycats.

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That is correct. It however serves as an excellent example for our community to follow and improve on. Eboard tech has a lot of potential beyond just the skate/longboard. We should have a Mod move this post and a few of the previous ones to a new thread for Patenting/Legal in development.

Gimsel’s 4xHub motor car set an acceleration record and data shows that the current board setups we’ve designed at home are more efficient than Tesla’s are for the same trip (considering the weight, energy, and parking savings) that’s a serious win.

If we continue to develop the miniaturized tech with such efficiency for its size, the upscaled designs may be capable of transforming eTransit as we know it (though I’m sure most of us early adopters will continue to ride our boards for style and fun).

What Stealth Boards likely recieved was a provisional patent (1yr) during which they developed the design as far as they could before stopping short of production. The designs described in their application are concurrent and reflect much of what we have rediscovered in our community.

Also, what are people’s thoughts on the kickstick? That’s probably a patentable invention, but aweful to use.

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Yep - all good stuff.