Electric Skateboard

I became obsessed with electric skateboards a few years ago and built what I thought was a pretty killer board with high-end components. I never quite got the Photon Remote to function adequately, and when my wife gave me a OneWheel, I lost interest in the board. It’s been hanging in my garage for the last year, charged, but unused. I’d hang out to it, but I’m thinking about upgrading the battery in my OneWheel, and need to justify the silly amount of money that’s going to be. So to balance the toy budget, I’m going to sell my skateboard. It’s in immaculate condition with a really clean assembly. Here are the specs:

38.5" Drop-deck, concave Atom deck, 10s5p battery custom made by Psychotiller, Psychotiller 405 enclosure (zero scratches), Dual Torque Boards 6355 190KV motors, Dual Torque Boards ESC’s, Photo Multifunction Remote, Flush-mount, illuminated power switch, Rough Stuff 110mm 63mm 78a compound wheels, DC-DC converter with USB outlet, Front and rear lights,


Thanks, Alex

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