Electric Trampa 2 in 1 Carver Build

So I think I am far enough along to actually start a new thread for my build.

I fell in love with the versatility of the new evolve GT 2 in 1 and decided I would see if I could do something similar/ better. After some research on the site I discovered trampa urban carver and the Evolve GT killer project began. I had originally settled for a top mount battery setup with 2 5s lipos but before I ordered I stumbled across kaly’s street carver and decided that would be a much cleaner, although maybe more difficult route, to mount the battery on the bottom, just as he did.

Timing was perfect as @Kaly just started offering the same components the he used in his street carver build.

So far I have

  1. Complete urban carver board from trampa
  2. 2x 6355 230kv sensors motors
  3. Full dual mount mechanical setup
  4. Bottom mount battery enclosure

Still need to purchase

  1. 2x vesc
  2. 40x 18650 (25r)
  3. Gt2b remote
  4. Bearings and wheels for the street setup ( so it can be a true 2 in 1).


Lol banana for scale.



Nice start to a build, added to my bookmarks…:banana: for scale :grin:.

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Imo i would get kali to make the battery and enclosure. It’s not only functional but looks stealthy. I myself have a battery and enclosure from him http://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/3X/b/8/b8e7a2166a6d58bf24b65e929da048c078fb598c.PNG

Great advice! I was planning on building a similar design but it ended up being cheaper for me to buy directly from him. Quality is great, and it honestly looks like a OEM component


Nice to see a 9gager on here :banana:

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Looks nice. Did you buy the batteries from Kaly as well, or are you building your own pack? Also, are you going 10s4p or 12s4p?

Just the enclosure and mounting hardware from kaly. I have a local supplier for the batteries where I can get a good deal on 25r, so I will be building my own 10s4p pack.

Sweet. I was debating on doing the same. Purchasing some components from Kaly, Trampa, and DIY and building myself…or just letting him build me a complete. I chose to let him build one.

Curious what the final cost difference will be.

Yeah I’m not sure what a complete would end up costing, but the projection for mine is about 1300ish

Not sure how I feel about my belt

covers. These were quick and dirty, look kind of bulky. I’ll try and slim them down for the vers 2.

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I think they look cool

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Who is this Kali I see people mentioning all over these parts. And how might I get in touch with he?

@kaly is a member on here. He is selling most of the components used so far in my build. You should be able to click his name to send him a message. If you are planning on building a carver, I would very highly recommend using his products.

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Sweet covers man !!! :slight_smile:

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Would it be possible to fit a larger battery? Say 10S6P?