Electrical skateboard with cordless drill motor

Hello everyone,

Last year I built my own longboard and I wanted to make it electrical since then. I recently had a cordless drill that was perfectly working fine but only the battery broke. So I took it apart and got the motor out and atteched a LiPo battery to it. now I got my whole thing setup and when I tested it, it just doesn’t work. I think it is the transmission between the motor and the wheel. I have a transmission of about 1 : 3 between the motor and the wheel but I think I need a different transmission because the motor wants to spin very fast but it cant because there is to much resistance on the board.

So does anyone have a good transmission idea and how much rpm I should put on the wheel on my board?

Thanks in advance!

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What voltage is the drill? I’m guessing its around 24v, which is too low. The motor is most likely brushed and very low torque but higher RPM. You want the opposite, higher torque and lower RPM (~100-250kv). If not, you will burn the motor out because its overloaded. You can reduce the RPM with a transmission, increasing the torque, but the motor is just not designed to take the load of a person. But just still give it a shot. Reverse the transmission ratio, ~3:1 (for every 3 RPM’s of motor, the wheels do 1), to increase torque.

We need pictures.

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My transmission is about 3:1 but it is not enough. The voltage of the drill was somewhere around 15v. The LiPo battery that I use is a 4 cell (14.8v). I am guessing that the whole setup is just not going to work…

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