Electronic Skateboard Dual Belt Driven 10s3p $700 Free Shipping

Dual Belt Driven 270KV 1400W 5055 Motor 10s3p Battery Dual Belt Driven Motor ESC ESC Nano Remote Charger Extra Bearings Skate tool

Specs: 10-13 Mile Range 25+ Top Speed

Everything built and ready to go Easy charge plug without any disassembly Remote contains four different speeds based on experience Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/Gl7iqes

Selling whole skateboard or all the parts as a set without the board.

which cells are used in the pack?


Probably the ones used in diyeboard’s kit. The board look like it’s made from the kit.


I’m guessing it’s a diy board battery from the rest of the parts.

Its a diyeb build. I’ve got the same mounts in the bottom of a parts bin. Including those trucks. $700…?



i think so too, that´s why I ask. but isn´t the diy kit new even less, or am I wrong here? 700$ seems a bit much here.


Well, he probably values the amount of effort it took to assemble the kit!


700 is a lot for this type of board, both motors cost 150 new, the enclosure 60, cheap Chinese esc 80, 10s3p battery 200, and deck would be probably less then 100, you probably want to consider changing the price

8 base plate screw and nuts, 6-8 for enclosure. Everything else comes assembled lol. Effort my ass lol


If there’s one thing I know about this esk8 forum, it is to never try to exaggerate a build. I have the same exact motors and it struggles to get up to 20mph

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without any disrespect, it´s a used board and the hours somebody spend to build it doesn´t count. But if somebody ready to pay 700$ for a delicious street face after the rear truck snapped, why not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t forget the ziptie and plugging in 6 wires too.


My bad lol. Forgot how complicated a ziptie can be for these kids lmao

No hard feelings man, but this isn’t worth 700, unless it got a focbox unity in it

Nope. Not even then lol. Maybe a 30q pack and unity lol

two unities and a 30q pack and I´m in


May have an entertion battery, who knows what’s in the enclosure

25r or 22p is what’s in it lol

Come on guys, he’s offering free shipping!!!

His profile summary don’t look to good, only 40min of read time

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