Electronics for Folding Long Board?

Hi all! New to the forum and electric boards. I am hoping to get some info. and guidance from you all. The electronics, and many different combinations that are possible, tend to make my brain hurt. I am looking for help in almost every electronic area. The Deck will fold for portability, so running electronics the whole length won’t be possible. Think Boosted Board layout.

In short, the combination I am looking for is a Li-ion BMS battery pack, dual Vesc, dual non-hub motor setup that can reliably and consistently achieve 15 miles on various flat and hilly streets. The individual specs of each of those components, required to achieve my goals, is what I have a hard time understanding. Some more info…

Motors: I want a dual, non-hub, motor setup. While a hub would be cleaner looking and require less maintenance, it limits the wheel options. Where I will be riding will be about 70% flat and 30% hills. I don’t want to have any worry about climbing hills, and I want good braking. These are the main reasons for the dual setup as opposed to single. Speed is always welcome, but I would be happy with anything 20mph and up. Not looking to break records. Motor Suggestions? Pulleys and belt suggestions welcome too.

Battery: Ok. This is all very confusing to me. I want Li-ion setup with built in BMS. Since portability is a huge need, I want to be able to just grab a standard wall charger, throw it in a backpack, and go. No balancing or special chargers. Building a pack, on my own, really isn’t an option. Don’t know what the best series and parallel combo would be for my goals. Again, a range of 15miles, give or take. Reasonable acceleration and 20+mph. Torque for hills (not crazy steep) is important.

The battery has to fit within the physical dimensions of the board as well. 10 inches long by about 7 inches wide.

VESC: Looking at the VESC-X controllers from Enertion. Thoughts? Cheaper, same features/quality options?

Remote: Looking at Nano-X from Enertion also. Thoughts? Alternate options?

Do Pre built/custom Li-ion packs, with BMS, in the size I would need exist? Can anyone build these? Thanks for the knowledge!!!

P.S. I weight about 160lbs if that helps. :slight_smile:


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Is there another topic about folding esk8?

I first posted a more overall description of the entire build in the “Builds” category. I then figured I would post a more electronic focused version in the “electronics” category. I’m new…Is that a no no?

Your products look great btw. Wish they were available for this build.

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Thanks guys

That was about the whole build in general. The one I posted here was more electronic specific.