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Electronics for my electric skateboard

Im planing on using


ESC: Mystery Cloud 100A Brushless ESC W/ UBEC RC Speed Controller

Battery: FLOUREON 6S 22.2V 4500mAh 45C Lipo RC Battery Pack Deans Plug RC Helicopter Car

Transmitter: Tacon BT-T2A
I am using this because it was used with one of my old RC cars

Reciever: Tacon BT-R2
I am using this because it was used with one of my old RC cars.

Will all this stuff pair up? I already got the motor, transmitter, and reciever and was wondering if this setup would work. I am building my first board and I am not sure if this setup would work.

Ok bud …Welcome to the mosh pit of eboards

Take a read … And trash your list

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The motor has a 10mm shaft so it will be hard to find pulleys. Also the battery C rating is very high. You could go with a 30c battery and get a higher mAh for the same price. The esc is cheap, a little to cheap. No one on hear has used that brand to my knowledge so I would steer clear, I also don’t know if it has brakes. Definitely check out the commonly used parts topic!

He will street his face if he uses that esc…battery…who cares …100c for all that matters …

The motor he can get away with if he finds the correct pulley bore…but it’s not common