Electronics puzzles

I’d like to learn how different circuits work and think it could be fun and easy if presented as tiered puzzles starting with REALLY EASY. Are there such puzzles out there? cant find them.

Could you elaborate? You mean like online puzzles orrr?

yea online where there’d be a simple circuit and you had to figure what what going on. Maybe multiple choice outcomes with possible different voltages or frequencies or currents, and hopefully all the answers would be explained.

have you tried looking at Khan Academy? I don’t know if they do circuits but as far as free online learning it’s about the best you can get.

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Maybe start here, They don’t have practice problems as far as I can see. I guess if thats really what you’re looking for you could look into getting a physics or electrical engineering e-textbook and using practice problems for it.

they have a couple it seems.

I think they could be fun if they were easier! I sit around playing chess a lot and think they could be similar.

Looks like the link you’re at really is the “basics”


Doesn’t get much simpler than that. Maybe take a look at their video before you lose hope :thumbsup:


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Try out “Everycircuit” full version is 15bucks. helped me alot, and almost every book is more expensive. And if you don’t already know how capacitors work, google electric field and capacitor function, good start into electricity!

I’ve read a couple circuitr text books and know the basics of ohms and how the bits work but how they interact in a schematic is something else. Maybe that’s the one I’m looking for. I know there’s something out there i saw

Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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