Elifebike.com Bleeding BMS any good?

I was looking for a BMS with an on and off switch and came across this fairly cheap one. It is called a “bleeding” BMS. Does anyone know what that means? Also could the thermistor on some BMSs be used a power switch? This guy tried it but said it didnt work.

Link to bms. http://www.elifebike.com/peng/iview.asp?KeyID=dtpic-2014-3C-MR54.027KF

Peak discharge is too low. You want at least 80 to 100 amps peak at 10s.

could be great to bypass discharge and use for charging though.

but then the soft switch is unusable.

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@chaka I agree that the overhead is good to have, but it seems that a lot of folks here use a 60a BMS with 10S and don’t have issues.

OH WAIT is that 60A peak discharge?

I see now; 30A continuous.