Elpis II - First Budget Build [Testing Phase WIP]

This is my first electric board and its still being built, but this is the condition of the board as a testing platform before I put work into the enclosures. They will be 2 sheet steel boxes for the battery and ESC/BMS/charger/shunt

  • ~$325 with toys and accessories
  • $283 to get functional and moving

  • Top speed: 22mph
  • Functional capacity: 140Wh
  • Actual efficiency: 8Wh/mi to 15Wh/mi
  • Weight: 18lbs

  • Minority 40" Downhill (deck only) [new from Amazon $55 shipped w/ warrenty]
  • KooWheel Gen 2 hubs and trucks w/ RipTide bushings [used from forum member $72]
  • Dual hub ESC w/ remote (eBoards?) [new from DickyHo on forum $63]
  • 20x LittoKita 30Q cells [new from forum member $36]
  • AnnPower 10s BMS [used from forum member $25]
  • Battery holders [new on eBay $17]
  • 42V 2A charger [new on Amazon $15]
  • Volts/Amps/Watts/Watt Hours meter [new on Amazon $19]

  • Static purple underglow LED strips from Makita 12V battery
  • Box is wood base with cardboard and foam liner, wrapped in duct tape
  • Integral charger for on-the-go charging
  • Live power display

image image image image image