Email notifications (daily digest vs every mail)

I haven’t seen a way to do this on this type of forum (unless I can be corrected?) Can we have this features as my mail box sometimes feels a little spammed.

From memory I think it stops automatically after a set period of time… It’s Designed to keep new users engaged and up-to-date.

I could be wrong. Google Search “discourse email notifications”

Thanks for reply! Currently, when i’m watching a topic, i’m getting a whole load of emails. I think there needs to be a middle ground of a daily digest as having an email for every reply turns people off from engaging. I currently want to unsubscribe from a few threads i’m interested in. Is there anything that can be implemented like other boards?

you guys should get a setup where if we get tagged or replayed to we get some sort of push notif. i don’t check my email often enough for that to be a useful feature for me

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have a look at your options.

Thanks, that helps. It’s still only a 10 minute option so a digest option would be great in the future :slight_smile: