EMB 192kv sk3, 5200mah 12s, MBS Comp 95, kaly mounts, dual TB 12s ESC

Waiting for Vescs…



But how you going to use the VESC on 12s with 192kv motor? seems like its over the erpm limit. Careful to limit that or you’ll kill your VESC. Maybe one of the experts can comment on this…

I won’t reach theoretical top speed, but this is an offroad machine so that is not the intent. Also, i’m using 15/65 gearing which I think is on the torquey side.

I also have two 4s batteries but that increases amps/heat.

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Theoretical speed 47mph :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Nice !!!

Try to find a box that can fit the VESC and lipos tougher you can run flat discharge wires under the grip tape.


Are these 7 inch wheels? If so, it should be a theoretical max of 40mph. I’d definitely set the 60k erpm limit on the VESCs to avoid blowing something out.

8 inch actuallY

I will definitely be careful and set an erpm limit.

According to chakas post, the recommended kv for 12s would be 170kv. However, this is assuming a 7pole motor. I’m not sure if the 3sk is a 7 pole kotor.

63mm SK3’s are 7 pole pair yea. You’ll hit 67,738 erpm with full charge.

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I’ll only reach that speed while freewheeling, maybe not even that. Anything else I can do to prevent damaging to the vesc?

Maybe shorter motor wires?

just set the erpm limit on bldc tool

Ok thanks!

Hello there :slight_smile: How is the built going ? Are you riding already ?

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I basically have all the parts now, I will post some build pictures as I go along. Thanks for your interest.

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I sold the Vescs and went with TB 12s ESCs so I changed the title accordingly. Also, i have enough wire length for a dual diagonal.


Motor shaft flat spot for grub screws done. Used the ziploc bag method.