EMC for VESC Controllers

I’m looking for an EMC Report for the big (300 A) VESC 6 controller. I found one for the 100A, so I was wondering if one exists for the bigger one as well. Already sent a message to trampa but didn’t receive a reply. @trampa can you help with that?

Thanks! Julian

Julian, happy new year! EMC depends on the motor, switching frequency, cable length etc. The only way to get that right, is a test on the entire system. That’s how EMC testing works.


Hi Frank,

you’re correct. However german authorities seem to believe different, if you can provide an EMC report for each active component, youre good. You have one for the VESC 6 100A right?

I’m talking about something like in the VESC 6.4 Manual Page 5.

You can send me an email. frank at trampaboards dot com