Emergency cut off for mountainboard

While planing my mountainboard I came across some frightening scenes. What if the remote suddenly stops working and the motors still spin? This should not happening because if there’s a signal loss the (V)ESC slowly stops the motor. But what if this does not happen? What if the (V)ESC starts to burn or something? Or you fall and accidentally pull the trigger of the remote?

So lately I saw this kind of battery arming switch:

You can see this little space I marked. What if you tie a wire or something similar to the opposite site of the binding? Or simply wrap it around your feet. This way you can stop everything immediately. If you fall you foot will get out of the binding and it breaks the circuit. Or if one of the things mentioned above happens, simply get your feet off. You can find this mechanism in some jet skis or these clips on a treadmill.

I will be posting more when I build my idea :label:

It is called a loop key. Most people use an XT90S connector to also have an anti spark.

This also was my plan. I just could not find a pic of this with XT90…

http://m.ebay.com/itm/Pro-Armor-Universal-ATV-Kill-Switch-Tether-Switch-A040021-/361774718000?nav=SEARCH Just get this

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If you are using the VESC, there are settings you can adjust to apply a braking current if connection is lost. In addition, remotes like the GT2B have a safety setting where you can set the default position if signal is lost

I haven’t tried either of these options, but they would be worth checking into

What about a proximity switch for your feet that goes to the throttle wire of the rx reciever