Emergency Repair Kits

The first rule of esk8 is “never ride without a spare belt.” It’s such a good rule that even the boosted crowd follows it - you don’t want to be caught out without one. This week on the way to school though, I had a different part break: the outer bearing on my right rear wheel literally exploded. I didn’t have a spare with me, because why would I? I pulled the antispark key to shut the board down, and that broke in my hand too. Great. So I decided I needed to add these things to my emergency repair kit: A set of backup bearings, and a spare key in case my nice one busts.

Due to the very ghetto nature of my enclosure, I have a little space at the front, above my LiPos. I realized I could probably slide one of those collapsing skate tools up there with some spare parts and have an emergency repair kit with me at all times, eliminating my need for a separate bag entirely. Here’s what I came up with!



Very good one. But my paranoid brain says to insulate the tool from the batteries somehow


I’ve been thinking that too - my BMS has started wearing into the shrink on the batteries. What I might do is put some tape over them, but for now everything is held very firmly in place

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